Dzambala Emptiness Oval Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

Dzambala Emptiness Oval Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

SKU: 81004156

Dzambala Emptiness Oval Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

SKU: 81004156
  • Designed by Kechara
  • Traditional Buddhist iconography
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A white gold-plated Buddha Dzambala mounted on a hollow oval frame. From one of The Emptiness Collection, this pendant combines understated elegance with everyday wearability. Wear him close to your heart and be blessed with spiritual wealth and overcome emotional poverty: miserliness, greed and the inability to give or share.

  • Crafted from 925 sterling silver.
  • Plated with 18K white gold with clear cubic zirconia accents.
  • Deity iconography according to Buddhist scriptural sources.
  • Ideal for casual everyday wear.
* To preserve the beauty and life span of your jewellery and beads, please read these care tips.

About Dzambala

Wealth Buddha Dzambala is popular for his ability to grant wealth and prosperity. On a worldly level, he can bring material resources, success and help us overcome financial difficulties. His practice also brings spiritual riches, helping us overcome emotional poverty, miserliness, greed and the inability to give or share.

Dzambala was originally a student of the historical Buddha. Buddha's cousin, Devadatta, was jealous of him and plotted to kill him. In one attempt, Devadatta pushed large boulders off the top of a cliff towards Buddha and his students who were walking below. Dzambala ran forward to protect Buddha and stopped the falling boulders with his body. He injured his head in the process.

Buddha extended his hand and healing nectar poured forth onto Dzambala’s head. When Dzambala awoke, he thanked Buddha for healing him. Buddha then said to Dzambala,

“In the future, when people do your practice and pour water on you as I have done, you shall help to alleviate their poverty.“

Every part of Dzambala’s form represents increase and growth. His rich gold skin and stout body symbolise wealth. The mongoose spitting wish-fulfilling jewels and the fruit he carries represent his ability to help us bear the fruits of our efforts. The royal ease of his posture indicates that he has acquired all the wealth of the universe and no longer experiences suffering, and through his practice, we can achieve the same.

  • Material: 925 sterling silver, plated with 18k white gold, cubic zirconia
  • Height: 28 mm (1.1-in)
  • Width: 21 mm (0.8-in)
  • Thickness: 3 mm (0.1-in)
  • Weight: 10 g (0.35 oz)

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