Custom Art Services

We specialise in the design, creation, adornment and restoration of Buddhist images. Our full-time artists are well-versed in traditional Buddhist art forms, mastered through extensive training with the skilled artisans of Nepal and Tibet.

We also offer contemporary interpretations of ancient Buddhist art to suit current trends and styles.

Statue Painting

Mantra Insertion

By tradition, Buddha statues are filled with a combination of holy items, rolled mantras, incense powder, and many other traditional substances. If done properly, this enhances the blessings and positive energy when prayers and offerings are performed.

Our mantra insertion service follows strict scriptural instructions. We offer a choice of simplified or extensive insertions.

You can also opt for a consecration and blessing ritual after your statue is filled and sealed.

Brocade Sewing

Beadwork and Jewellery

Offerings are an important aspect of Buddhist spiritual practice. When applied in the context of an altar or shrine, offerings include the adornment of Buddha statues, wealth vases and ritual items with precious stones and ornate beadwork. It is an easy way to collect merits daily to advance in your spiritual practice.

Our beading service includes:

  • Embedding precious stones on statues and offering items
  • Traditional statue ornaments such as necklaces, bracelets and anklets
  • Pearl skirts for statues, wealth vases and butterlamps
  • Pearl lharis and curtains

Each piece is custom-made to order by hand.

Mala Stringing

Malas or Buddhist rosaries are used to keep count of the number of mantras recited. They can be made from various materials such as wood (sandalwood, agarwood), seeds (lotus seed, bodhi seed, rudraksha), crystals, bone or semi-precious stones. Different materials are believed to have different energies and benefits that affect the subconscious mind in unique ways.

As mala strings stretch or break after frequent use, we offer a mala stringing service to keep your rosary in tip-top shape.

You can also customise the design of your mala with our selection of blessed beads and decorative dividers.

Statue Making

Buddha’s familiar, serene image is instantly recognisable all around the world. However, few know that every Buddha has a unique appearance. They appear in specific forms, known as iconography, to help us in specific ways. When this iconography is reproduced accurately, the blessings of the resulting image is tremendous.

We design and create all types of Buddha images, from one-inch pendants and miniature tsatsas to 20-ft statues. These are distributed through our Dharma stores to bring Buddha’s blessings to as many people as possible.

We also accept commissions for custom statues made from resin, wood, brass, copper and bronze.

Thangka Painting

Thangkas are traditional scroll paintings featuring images of Buddhist deities or holy stories. They were originally used by nomadic Tibetans in place of heavy and cumbersome statues as they can be rolled up and transported with ease.

We accept commissions for custom thangka pieces. Our thangkas are painted by experienced Himalayan artists on cotton canvas using water soluble pigments.

We also offer regular or Giclée prints on high quality canvas from our extensive collection of original thangkas and modern Buddhist art.