Ullambana Bronze Offering Fund
Ullambana Bronze Offering Fund
Ullambana Bronze Offering Fund
Ullambana Bronze Offering Fund

Ullambana Bronze Offering Fund

SKU: 88000374

Ullambana Bronze Offering Fund

SKU: 88000374
  • Done-for-you Tibetan Buddhist service
  • Authentic lineage, performed by trained practitioners
  • Proceeds go towards supporting the temple
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Remove obstacles and send great merits during the 7th Lunar Month with Ullambana offerings dedicated to:

  • Your dearly departed, ancestors & unborn children for a good rebirth
  • Your karmic debtors & creditors so that you have fewer obstacles in this & future lives
  • Yourself and the people who matter to you for health, long life, success, protection & everything good
  • Your beloved pets whether living or deceased
  • All mother sentient beings including wandering spirits — to reduce their suffering and increase their happiness

Your dedication of merits will help them remove obstacles, attract positive conditions, and achieve good rebirths in future lives. The Ullambana Bronze Offering package includes:

  • 2 x Bronze Sponsor Tablets (10 names per tablet)
  • 3 x 2.5-ft Dragon Incense

Our sangha and pastors will make prayers and offerings on your behalf, and dedicate the merits according to your wishes during the Ullambana Festival at Kechara Forest Retreat.

All proceeds support the maintenance of the temple.

Orders close Aug 31, 2024 (Sun) 11.59 pm (GMT +8).

* This is an offering/prayer service and no product will be shipped.
* Please read the “Service + Offering Guidelines” for additional information.

Ullambana Offering Service

  • Prayers, offerings and dedication of merits for orders placed by August 17, 2024 (Sat) 11.59 pm (GMT +8) will be performed on your behalf during the Ullambana Festival at Kechara Forest Retreat on August 18, 2024 (Sun).
  • All other orders will be fulfilled by September 2, 2024 (Tue).
  • This is an offering service and no product will be shipped.

Requesting a Service

  1. Set a positive intention before requesting the offering service. The purer your intention, the greater the merit generated.
  2. Select your desired offering quantity, size and style (where applicable).
  3. In the “Sponsor” section: Provide the name of the sponsor (benefactor).
  4. In the “Dedication” section: Provide the name of the person/entity the offering is dedicated to. You can include a specific wish or request. Our sangha/pastors will dedicate the merits according to your wishes.
  5. After submitting your offering service request, rejoice and dedicate the merits.
  6. We will inform you by email once your offering has been fulfilled.

If you are uncertain which offering service best suits your needs, please contact us for assistance.

About Ullambana

Buddha taught that the 7th Month Ullambana Festival is one of the best times to honour your ancestors & dearly departed, send protection & merits to loved ones, and offer compassion to all suffering beings.

According to the Ullambana Sutra, Maudgalyayana, one of Buddha's chief disciples, saw with his clairvoyance that his beloved mother had been reborn as a Hungry Ghost (preta) in the lower realms. Distressed, he sought Buddha's advice on how best to help his mother.

Buddha advised Maudgalyayana to make extensive offerings to the Sangha on the 15th day of the 7th month, as the best way to relieve the sufferings of others is by dedicating oceans of merits to them. This was the beginning of the Buddhist Ullambana Festival.

About Dorje Shugden

Dorje Shugden is a special Dharma Protector who quickly fulfils wishes and sincere prayers. He brings healing, harmony and peace, protects from harm and obstacles, and attracts opportunities for success and growth.

Known as a wealth Buddha, he brings sincere devotees vast merits and material resources for virtuous activities. As a wrathful emanation of Manjushri, he grants improved concentration, clarity of mind and great wisdom to anyone who propitiates him.

About Trakze

Trakze is the exceedingly "wrathful" form of the enlightened protector Dorje Shugden. Also known as Karma Shugden, he grants supreme protection from harm, spirits and black magic, and helps us overcome the most difficult obstacles and powerful delusions.

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