Blessed Yamantaka Mandala Sand
Blessed Yamantaka Mandala Sand
Blessed Yamantaka Mandala Sand

Blessed Yamantaka Mandala Sand

SKU: 81005044

Blessed Yamantaka Mandala Sand

SKU: 81005044
  • Consecrated in Grand Rabney Chenmo puja
  • Convenient DIY kit / Ideal for DIY Statue insertion
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A sand mandala is a visual, geometric representation of a deity’s holy abode, created using sand. It is a meditation tool to guide practitioners in transforming ordinary minds into enlightened ones. During the ritual, monks meditate upon the mandala, visualising it as a three-dimensional palace, and invite the principal deity to reside in the very centre.

In conjunction with Grand Consecration Ceremony (Rabney Chenmo) of the Tsem Rinpoche Relic Stupa and Temple, senior ritual masters performed the 13-deity Yamantaka sand mandala ritual at Kechara Forest Retreat.

Yamantaka is the wrathful emanation of Lord Manjushri, who is the supreme embodiment of the Buddha’s wisdom. His practice offers a profound and quick method of purifying heavy negative karma, and allows us to swiftly achieve attainments and ultimately Enlightenment in a single lifetime. He also grants powerful protection against the most wrathful spirits, black magic and curses.

Led by Ven. Khen Rinpoche Lobsang Palden (the abbot of Phelgyeling Monastery), this complex ritual took six days to complete, combined with continuous prayers and intensive meditations on this tantric deity. Upon completion of the ceremony, Yamantaka’s blessings were dissolved into the sand mandala before it was ritually “destroyed” and carefully collected.

Bring home some of this precious blessed sand for powerful protection, healing and positive energy. Only a tiny amount is needed to invoke Yamantaka’s blessings wherever it is placed.

About Yamantaka

Yamantaka is the ferocious tantric emanation of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri. He grants powerful protection against the most fearsome spirits, black magic and curses. It is believed that invoking Yamantaka’s energies causes horrifying spirits to literally drop their weapons and flee.

Yamantaka’s blessings can purify the most negative karmas that we have committed in this and previous lives, cutting the cause for us to suffer tremendously in future. As an emanation of the Buddha of Wisdom, he is also incredibly powerful for increasing our study and understanding of Dharma.

On a deeper level, Yamantaka offers a profound and quick method to achieve higher attainments. In particular, his practice utilises anger as a method to purify our delusions. Keeping him close will plant seeds of highest awakening in our mindstream and create a connection to receive his practice in the future.

  • Insert into statues and stupas
  • Scatter on land to appease unseen beings and bless the area
  • Place in bodies of water (rivers/lakes/oceans) to send healing energies throughout the world
  • Consume a tiny amount for healing, purification and great blessings
  • Place on the crown of the deceased’s head to send them to a good rebirth (similar to powa)
  • Weight: 0.1 g (0.003 oz)

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