Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund
Wealth Box Fund

Wealth Box Fund

SKU: 88000470

Wealth Box Fund

SKU: 88000470
  • Done-for-you Tibetan Buddhist service
  • Authentic lineage, performed by trained practitioners
  • Proceeds go towards supporting the temple
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The Yangdup Wealth Puja is a powerful Tibetan Buddhist ritual that attracts the energies of growth and abundance to bless the place and all who are present. The ceremony requests the wealth deities to generate material resources, abundance and prosperity. This provides sustenance for sponsors, monasteries, Dharma centres and participants, and also fuels the growth of Buddha’s sacred teachings.

We invite you to sponsor the Grand 3-Day Yangdup Wealth Ceremony that will be conducted in Kechara Forest Retreat from September 19 – 21, 2024. Benefits of sponsoring include:

  • Attracts material wealth and resources
  • Improves health and accelerates healing
  • Extends lifespan
  • Increases spiritual riches
  • Generates growth in all aspects of life

Your sponsorship will go towards wealth box offerings, wealth puja offerings, ritual substances as well as food and travel for visiting Sangha who will be conducting the puja.

Available until September 21, 4.00 pm (GMT+8)

More ways to participate

  • Submit your personal wealth vase, wealth pills or wealth arrows to be re-energised during the puja, so that they continue to attract the energy of increase and success to your home or place of business.
  • Place a token monetary sum (notes only, no coins) into the Wealth Box to generate energies of increase and growth for you.
  • Contribute towards the collection of earth and water from various locations around the world that is added to the Wealth Box every year.
  • Click here for details on how to submit.

Making a Donation

  1. Set a positive intention before making a donation. The purer your intention, the greater the merit generated.
  2. Select your desired amount and style of sponsorship (where applicable).
  3. In the “Sponsor” section: Provide the name of the sponsor (benefactor).
  4. In the “Dedication” section: Provide the name of the person/entity the sponsorship is dedicated to. You can include a specific wish or request. This will be read during the dedication of merits.
  5. After making the donation, rejoice and dedicate the merits you have generated.
  6. From time to time, we share updates of various projects on our website and social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). Please follow us if you would like to stay informed.

If you are uncertain which project is best suited to your interests or needs, please contact us for assistance.

About Wealth Boxes

In Tibetan Buddhism, one of the proven methods to generate financial and material resources is the creation of a Wealth Box. A Wealth Box represents the divine abode of the wealth deities. Inside it are Wealth Vases (which represent the Wealth Deities), images of the lineage lamas, representations of the Buddha’s body, speech and mind, auspicious symbols such as the Eight Auspicious Signs and the Seven Royal Emblems, and many other traditional offering items according to the scriptures.

Wealth Boxes are opened once a year to replenish the perishable offerings inside, and to add on even more precious items to symbolise ever-growing abundance. It is then re-consecrated and re-energised with a power-charged Yangdup ritual, then ritually sealed until the following year.

Kechara's Wealth Box

In 2015, a traditional Wealth Box was constructed in Kechara Forest Retreat and consecrated with a three-day Yangdup ritual by the Ven. 7th Panglung Kuten, the oracle of Dorje Shugden. Our Wealth Box is a powerful magnet that draws positive energies to the surrounding environment, the country, and to everyone who comes into contact with this sacred ground.

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