Simple Jewellery Care Tips


  • Store your jewellery individually in pouches or in a soft lined box.
  • Clean your pieces often. Use a soft lint-free cloth to wipe your jewellery to avoid scratches and damage or wash with mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Put on your jewellery after applying make-up, perfume, lotions, creams or hairspray.
  • Remove your jewellery when showering, bathing or swimming in the pool or sea.
  • Remove your jewellery when you are sleeping.


  • Do not expose jewellery to household cleaners, strong cleaning agents, solvents or harsh chemicals such as bleach, sulphur or chlorine.
  • Do not subject your pieces to sudden changes of temperature and extremes of cold and heat.
  • Avoid contact sports, exercise and other physical activities such as housework or gardening that may damage your pieces.
  • Avoid hard knocks, scratching or dropping your jewellery.


  • Silver will tarnish naturally when exposed to air. Storing silver pieces in an airtight bag may reduce tarnishing. A silver cleaner may also be used to clean sterling silver pieces.
  • White gold generally may require re- plating every few years.
  • Clasps and prongs may need regular adjustments depending on wear and tear.
  • Metals are best cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use paper towels or tissue as they can cause scratching.


  • Clean after wearing with a soft, untreated cloth to remove skin oils, fingerprints and cosmetics.
  • Very porous stones such as turquoise should be cleaned using a dry soft chemical-free cloth. Such stones should not have prolonged immersion in water.
  • Avoid chemicals, cleaners, extreme temperatures, humidity and prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Do not use paper towels or tissue as they can cause scratching.


  • Wooden beads can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a little olive oil. Be careful not to get oil on the cord.
  • Gemstone beads should be cared for as described above.
  • The cord can be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth.
  • Frequently worn beads should be restrung as needed.