Blessed Fire Puja Ashes
Blessed Fire Puja Ashes

Blessed Fire Puja Ashes

SKU: 81003711

Blessed Fire Puja Ashes

SKU: 81003711
  • Blessed and consecrated by puja and ritual
  • Ideal for homes and places of business
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Considered the king of all pujas, fire pujas are the most powerful within Tibetan Buddhism. They are extremely potent for removing obstacles along the way to enlightenment, and there are peaceful, increase, subjugation and wrathful variations, each with specific benefits.

Fire pujas are complex both in terms of preparation and execution. Intricate sand mandalas are first constructed at the puja site and a wide variety of special substances are prepared. Then a senior lama or practitioner who has the necessary initiations and retreats generates the Yidam or Dharma Protector, invites the deity to enter the fire then ritually offers the purified substances one by one into the fire.

Each substance is offered for a different purpose such as removing non-virtue, negative karma, illness, broken samaya and negative thoughts, as well as increasing lifespan, merit, wealth, material resources, happiness, and strength of body, speech and mind.

Once the fire puja has been completed, the ashes that remain are highly blessed. They can be used as relics, inserted into statues and stupas, worn in a locket, scattered in the garden, backyard or used to bless the land.

Our Blessed Fire Puja Ashes contain a mixture of ashes from Shize, Gyenze and Wangze fire pujas, with the additional benefits of:

  • Shize Fire Puja - removes inauspiciousness and problems related to lifespan, wisdom, wealth and growth of Dharma
  • Gyenze Fire Puja - increases merit, health, lifespan, wisdom and spiritual wealth
  • Wangze Fire Puja - turns negative circumstances around in your favour as long as you have a good motivation.

About Shize

Shize is the special "pacifying" form of the enlightened protector Dorje Shugden. Also known as Vairochana Shugden, he is known for his ability to purify negative karma, pacify natural disasters and calamities, and is especially efficacious for overcoming illness and disease. His blessings also calm the immediate environment, help us overcome life's obstacles, and attract the positive energies of peace, protection and wisdom.

About Gyenze the Wishfulfiller

Gyenze is the special "increase" form of the enlightened protector Dorje Shugden. Also known as Ratna Shugden, he can bring outer wealth for success in personal, career or business goals, and inner wealth for spiritual growth, higher realisations and happiness across lifetimes. In particular, he is known to increase lifespan, material resources, merit, and all that is good.

About Wangze

Wangze is the special "control" form of the enlightened protector Dorje Shugden. Also known as Pema Shugden, he brings stability of mind and positive influence over people and situations for virtuous reasons. In this way, he can help us improve our relationships with others, such as family, friends, superiors and subordinates.

  • Sprinkle around the garden, backyard or exterior of your premises
  • Place a small amount indoors at the four corners of your premises
  • Wear in a locket
  • Insert into statues and stupas
  • Height: 90 mm (3.6-in)
  • Width: 70 mm (2.8-in)
  • Depth: 25 mm (1.0-in)
  • Weight: 8 g (0.28 oz)

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