Vajra and Bell Metal Mala Counter
Vajra and Bell Metal Mala Counter

Vajra and Bell Metal Mala Counter

SKU: 81003172

Vajra and Bell Metal Mala Counter

SKU: 81003172
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The recitation and accumulation of Buddhist mantras is one of the most common practices in Tibetan Buddhism. In the pursuit of enlightenment, some traditions require the recitation of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of mantras in order to access the characteristics and qualities of certain deities.

This set of two metal mala counters, each with ten small rings or beads, are a convenient way to keep track of mantra recitations and counts. Featuring traditional bell and vajra charms (symbolising the divine energies of wisdom and compassion) on sturdy cotton cord with traditional five-colour tassels on the ends, these mala counters can be placed anywhere on your mala or even used separately.

  1. Attach the mala counters to your mala using a one-step slip knot or "crow's foot".
  2. Reset both mala counters by moving all the beads/rings towards the charm.
  3. Decide which marker will represent the hundreds and which will represent the thousands.
  4. Begin the mantra recitation.
  5. After each complete recitation of 108 mantras (one mala), move one bead forward on the "hundred" counter.
  6. After you have moved all 10 beads on the "hundred" counter, move one bead forward on the "thousand" counter and reset the "hundred" counter.
  7. Proceeding in this manner, the mala counters can be used to track up to 10,000 mantra recitations.
  • Material: Metal
  • Length: 121.9 mm (4.8-in)
  • Weight: 0.002 kg (0.01 lb)

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