Rinchen Yunying 25

Rinchen Yunying 25

SKU: 81001754

Rinchen Yunying 25

SKU: 81001754
  • Authentic Tibetan medical formula
  • Blessed and consecrated by puja and ritual
  • 100% natural ingredients
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One of the precious pills (rinchen rilbu) of Tibetan Medicine, Yuning 25 is traditionally formulated from 25 different herbs and minerals. It particularly associated with ailments of the liver.

This potent remedy is based on the Tibetan Medical Tantras which are over 1,200 years old. It is further energised with Medicine Buddha prayers and rituals, enriching it with the Healing Buddha's blessings.

Knowledge of the precious ingredients and complex methodology have been preserved in the monasteries of India and Nepal, where they continue to be handmade today in strict accordance with scriptural tradition.

ENHANCED BLESSINGS (while stocks last)
This item has been consecrated in a Soongdrup ritual conducted by very senior members of the monastic community at Kechara Forest Retreat.

About Tibetan Medicine

Traditional Tibetan Medicine is the ancient art of healing that treats body, mind and spirit in an integrated holistic way. Also known as Sowa Rigpa, this natural and complete medical system is based primarily on the Indian Buddhist scriptures, Vajrayana Tantras, and Ayurvedic healing system. It includes remedies formulated from natural ingredients such as medicinal plants, herbs, minerals and spices.

One of its fundamental principles is that our bodies are composed of the five elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Wind (Air), and Space. When these elements are in balance, we will have wellness of body, speech and mind. However, if any one of these elements goes out of balance — whether in excess, deficient or unstable, it affects the other elements and results in physical, mental and emotional ailments. Thus, the relationship and balance between the elements of our body is crucial for overall wellness and health.

Most importantly, Sowa Rigpa embraces the Buddhist belief that all ailments fundamentally arise from the Three Poisons — ignorance, attachment and aversion. Thus, many Tibetan medical treatments go beyond providing symptomatic relief, and may include lifestyle and behavioural adjustments based on Buddha’s Four Noble Truths. By reducing or eliminating the root causes of illness in this manner, we will not only enjoy good physical health but also a happier state of mind and uplifting of the spirit.

The healing power of Tibetan medicine arises from a combination of effective diagnosis, potent herbal treatments, and the power of prayer. Apart from herbal remedies consumed in powder or pill form, Tibetan medical treatments may include Rinchen Rilbu (precious pills), therapeutic incense, natural supplements, herbal teas and infusions, and lifestyle changes.

Tibetan herbal remedies are traditionally empowered with the blessings of healing deities such as Medicine Buddha. Additional mantras can be recited before partaking of the medicine or treatment to further increase its potency.

  1. Remove the cloth wrapping from the precious pill. Do not expose to bright light.
  2. Place the pill in a small amount of hot water. Cover tightly and leave to stand overnight. Do not let the steam escape.
  3. Early the next morning before sunrise, crush and stir the contents with a spoon or your ring finger then drink the mixture. You may add more hot water if desired.
  4. Return to bed and sleep for at least an hour. Keep warm to induce perspiration.
  5. Upon waking, you can consume a small quantity of hot saffron-infused water to prolong the healing effects.
  6. In urgent situations, the pill can simply be consumed with hot water without following the steps above.
  7. If used as a preventative, consume on auspicious days (according to the Tibetan calendar) for optimum results.
  8. It is highly recommended to avoid 'black foods' (meat, fish, egg, garlic, onion, radish), alcohol, spicy foods, fermented foods, cold baths and strenuous activities for 3–7 days after consuming the pill.
  9. Store in a cool, dry place.

Alternative Uses

  • Place on the altar as an offering of medicine for healing and longevity.
  • Can be inserted into statues or stupas at the lotus/throne level, in combination with other traditional substances.
  • Diameter: 13 mm (0.5-in)
  • Weight: 1 g (0.035 oz)

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