Dorje Shugden Lineage Tree Thangka Print

Dorje Shugden Lineage Tree Thangka Print

SKU: 81002288

Dorje Shugden Lineage Tree Thangka Print

SKU: 81002288
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A high-quality thangka print of Dorje Shugden's lineage tree inspired by H.E. Dagom Rinpoche's teachings on the visualisation of Dorje Shugden's merit field. This thangka illustrates the complete and unbroken lineage and source of this protector's practice that was received directly from Lama Tsongkhapa in Tushita Heaven; and the unbroken line of incarnations of Dorje Shugden that can be traced back to Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. It is an invaluable aid for invoking upon the blessings of the lineage masters during one's meditations and prayers.

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Dorje Shugden (center): Dorje Shugden is the special protector of the 600-year-old Gelugpa lineage founded by Lama Tsongkhapa. He is known to be extremely effective in providing protection and swift assistance to overcome worldly and spiritual obstacles.

Riding on a snow lion symbolising his fearlessness, Dorje Shugden in his main form wears the robes of a fully ordained monk and a domed hat. He brandishes a sword in his right hand, cutting away our ignorance and negative states of mind which form the basis of all our suffering. In his left hand, he holds a heart jewel that symbolises the legendary wish-fulfilling jewel that can grant us whatever we desire, and our deepest innermost wish – Enlightenment.

Dorje Shugden brings success, harmony and peace to all who invoke his blessings. His practice is most efficacious due to his affinity with us, and many have testified to his swift and benevolent power as a healer, a provider of spiritual and material opportunities, a defender from negative elements and a source of bliss and harmony in the home.

This wrathful emanation of Manjushri grants improved concentration, clarity of mind and increased wisdom to those who propitiate him. Also known as a wealth Buddha, his practice will bring sincere devotees vast merits and material resources for virtuous activities.

Dorje Shugden's Five Families

Surrounding the central figure are the other forms of Dorje Shugden, who are collectively known as Dorje Shugden's Five Families:

  • Ratna Shugden: Also known as Gyenze, the "increasing" form of Dorje Shugden is yellow in colour and rides a golden palomino. He holds a long life vase containing a branch of the wish-granting tree in his right hand and bowl filled with jewels in his left. His practice is excellent for increasing life, material resources, merit, spiritual realisations, and abundance in all aspects.
  • Vairochana Shugden: Also known as Shize, the "pacifying" form of Dorje Shugden is white in colour and rides a white elephant. He holds a five-coloured arrow in his right hand and a noose in his left. His practice is excellent for overcoming illnesses, disease, natural disasters and calamities, and purifying negative karmas and obstacles.
  • Karma Shugden: Also known as Trakze, the "wrathful" form of Dorje Shugden is dark-red in colour and rides a powerful garuda. He holds a fearsome sword in his right hand and bleeding heart in his left. His practice is excellent for bestowing protection from harm, spirits and black magic, and overcoming the most difficult obstacles.
  • Pema Shugden: Also known as Wangze, the "controlling" form of Dorje Shugden is blood-red in colour and rides a turquoise dragon. He holds a taming vajra hook in his right hand and a noose in his left. His practice is excellent for taming the most difficult minds, people and environments for virtuous reasons.

The Entourage

Below the five families of Dorje Shugden are his entourage which consists of:

  • The Nine Mothers: Dressed in celestial silk garments, these nine beautiful maidens hold great power to control the four elements, and assist faithful practitioners with their Tantric practices.
  • The Eight Guiding Monks: Dressed in monastic robes and headgear, and carrying items symbolising monastic practice, these eight monks assist practitioners in upholding their commitments, vows and words of honour.
  • The Ten Youthful and Wrathful Assistants: Dressed in garments of varied origin including Tibetan, Mongolian and Nepalese and carrying weapons, these ten deities assist practitioners in overcoming inner and outer obstacles, particularly that of broken samaya.
  • Kache Marpo, the main "assistant" of Dorje Shugden, is also depicted at the bottom of this lineage tree thangka. A fully enlightened dharma protector, he is an emanation of Hayagriva, the wrathful form of Chenrezig.

Dorje Shugden Lineage Masters

The source of Dorje Shugden's practice that was received directly from Lama Tsongkhapa, and the unbroken line of lineage masters that followed thereafter is also illustrated clearly in this thangka. At the very top of the thangka is Tushita Heaven, where the next Buddha, Maitreya, is seated with Lama Atisha on the left and Lama Tsongkhapa on the right.

Directly below Tushita Heaven, Lama Tsongkhapa is seated on a white cloud, signifying that the Dorje Shugden practice stemmed from him, and was passed down through the line of lineage masters from Duldzin Drakpa Gyeltsen to Mahasiddha Tagphu Dorje Chang, H.H. Pabongka Rinpoche, H.H. Trijang Rinpoche and H.H. Zong Rinpoche.

Previous Incarnations of Dorje Shugden

The previous incarnations of Dorje Shugden are clearly depicted on the left and right of the Dorje Shugden lineage masters.

The ten incarnations on the left are the earliest, beginning with the Buddha of Wisdom Manjushri, followed by Magadha Zangmo, Mahasiddha Birwapa, the great inventor of the Tibetan language Thonmi Sambhota, the Dharma King Trisong Detsen, Mahasiddha Naropa, the Indian Pandit Akarmati, the great translator Loden Sherab, Khedrub Kyungpo Neljorpa and Ra Lotsawa Dorje Drag.

The next ten incarnations are depicted on the right, beginning with Khuton Choje, followed by the Indian Pandit Sakya Shri Bhadra, Kunkhyen Choku Oser, Buton Rinchen Drub, Sakya Pandita, Tsarchen Losel Gyatso, Panchen Sonam Drakpa, Sonam Yeshe Wangpo, Ngawang Sonam Gelek and lastly Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen, who would later arise as the enlightened Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden.

The Yidams

Yamantaka (top left): The wrathful emanation of Lord Manjushri, Yamantaka’s profound practice is one of the highest yoga tantras available in Buddhism, which offers a profound and quick method of purifying our heavy negative karma, and towards achieving attainments and ultimately enlightenment in a single lifetime.

Heruka (top right): An emanation of Buddha Shakyamuni and consort of Vajrayogini, Heruka Chakrasamvara’s practice is one of the highest tantras in Buddhism. His practice is unique because it is the only Tantra (along with Vajrayogini's) whose effectiveness increases as the times degenerate further.

Poster Canvas Print

  • Specifications: Inkjet print on canvas
  • Print Size: Height 864 mm (34-in) x Width 648 mm (25.5-in)
  • Wrapping Allowance: 76 mm (3-in)
  • Weight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lb)

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