Buddha's Speech
Buddha's Speech
Buddha's Speech

Buddha's Speech

SKU: 81001852

Buddha's Speech

SKU: 81001852
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Buddha's Speech is a modern interpretation of enlightened speech containing trillions of sutras, billions of mantras and incredibly holy texts. These are recorded in a thumbdrive and embedded in a beautifully etched acrylic casing.

This sacred object can replace traditional Buddhist scriptures on your altar or shrine, and bring wisdom energy into your home. By making prayers, offerings and prostrations to the Buddha's Speech, we then gain the merits of making offerings to billions of these sutras and mantras. Each Buddha's Speech includes:

  • Liberation in the Palm of your Hand (Lamrim) – 108 billion
  • Vajrayogini Commentary by His Holiness Pabongka Rinpoche – 108 billion
  • Manjushri’s Names (Namasangiti) – 108 million
  • Heart Sutra – 1 trillion
  • Great Compassion Mantra – 108 million
  • Solitary Hero Yamantaka Sadhana – 108 million

ENHANCED BLESSINGS (while stocks last)
This item has been consecrated in a Soongdrup ritual conducted by very senior members of the monastic community at Kechara Forest Retreat.

What are Sutras?

The Sutras are written texts of Buddha’s teachings recorded from the time of the Buddha and preserved in its purity until today. These texts offer us precious insights into Buddha’s mind and when we contemplate on and apply these holy thoughts, we stand to reap great positive results both in the short and long term.

Such is the importance of the Buddha’s immaculate speech that it is a necessary item to be placed on our altars. By doing so, we create the causes for us to achieve the speech of a Buddha complete with its sixty qualities. More importantly, it also create the causes for us to realise the inner and subtle meanings of the holy Sutras, which then become the foundation of our attainments.

What are Mantras?

Mantras are representations of the Buddha’s enlightened energy in the form of sound. When we have them in written form, we tap into their enlightened energies and access the protection we can gain from them.

Having a sacred mantra in written or any form will help calm the environment and the people living therein. This was stated by Buddha himself that wherever there’s a holy text of the Buddha Dharma, protective deities will be present to protect the scripture and its surroundings.

  • Place on the left side of your altar or shrine to represent the Buddha's holy speech.
  • Use as the central image on smaller/travel altars to represent the Buddha's holy body and speech.
  • Insert into statues or stupas at the level of the lower body, in combination with other traditional substances.
  • Place on the head of a dying person or animal to help them pass on peacefully.
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Height: 80 mm (3.2-in)
  • Width: 60 mm (2.4-in)
  • Depth: 18 mm (0.7-in)
  • Weight: 110 g (0.24 lb)

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