Snake Zodiac Protector Silver Pendant (Samantabhadra)
Snake Zodiac Protector Silver Pendant (Samantabhadra)
Snake Zodiac Protector Silver Pendant (Samantabhadra)
Snake Zodiac Protector Silver Pendant (Samantabhadra)
Snake Zodiac Protector Silver Pendant (Samantabhadra)

Snake Zodiac Protector Silver Pendant (Samantabhadra)

SKU: 81005862

Snake Zodiac Protector Silver Pendant (Samantabhadra)

SKU: 81005862
  • Traditional Buddhist iconography
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A delicate zodiac pendant crafted from 999 sterling silver, featuring the word ‘辰‘ (representing Dragon zodiac) traced by the mantra ‘OM MANI PEME HUNG’. Wear this close to your heart and receive the blessings from Samantabhadra, who represents the primordial Buddha or the Dharmakaya aspect, which is the mind of complete enlightenment.

It is believed that people born under each sign receive the blessings and protection of the associated Protector, if you solicit the protector related to your birth during times of obstacles, you can clear your problems faster.

  • Finely crafted from 999 sterling silver.
  • Deity iconography according to Buddhist scriptural sources.
  • Ideal for casual everyday wear.
  • Available in 12 Chinese zodiac signs.
* To preserve the beauty and life span of your jewellery and beads, please read these care tips.

About Samantabhadra

In our mind is the potential to reach the awakened (Buddha) mind, the attainment of primordial reality where there is no suffering. This source potential is what is called Adi-Buddha. Fugen – more commonly known as Samantabhadra – is an Adi-Buddha representing the pure, unsullied mind that arises out of practice and pure conduct. He emphasizes the importance of sincere practice and moral conduct (which would involve the holding of precepts and vows).

Chinese Zodiac Protectors

  • Rat: 1000-Armed Chenrezig
  • Ox & Tiger: Akashagarbha
  • Rabbit: Manjushri
  • Dragon & Snake: Samantabhadra
  • Horse: Mahasthamaprapta
  • Goat & Monkey: Vairocana
  • Rooster: Acalanatha
  • Dog & Pig: Amitabha

About Dragon Zodiac Sign

Those born in the year of the Dragon have irrepressible energy, blinding determination and incredible self-confidence. They excel in all that they set their minds to and continuously raise their standards as they age. You will not see a Dragon depending on others; they pride themselves on being self-reliant and independent. They don’t fare well being bound by people, places or even the laws of the land.

Further Reading

• Material: 999 Sterling Silver
• Height : 23 mm (0.9-in)
• Width : 13 mm (0.5-in)
• Depth : 2 mm (0.07-in)
• Weight: 3 g (0.11 oz)

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