Mantra Drive for Statues
Mantra Drive for Statues
Mantra Drive for Statues

Mantra Drive for Statues

SKU: 81002466

Mantra Drive for Statues

SKU: 81002466
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  • Enhances blessings and merits
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In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, statues, stupas and other objects of worship are inserted with hand-rolled mantras, relics, holy objects, Buddha images and many other items in a process called "zungzhu". This enhances and multiplies the blessings and merits accumulated by the practitioner, as every action is performed in relations to a multitude of holy objects instead of just one.

Marrying the age-old tradition of mantra insertion with modern-day technology, the Mantra Drive contains trillions of mantras, prayers and holy images in a compact form-factor. Wrapped in golden silk brocade that symbolises deep respect as well as the offering of clothes to the Buddhas, one or more Mantra Drives can be inserted into any statue or stupa, or mounted behind a tsa tsa, bringing tremendous blessings and positive energies.

Use as a convenient DIY solution for filling smaller statues and stupas, or as an additional substance in traditional mantra insertion.

* Full mantra insertion services are available upon request.
* Always check the mantra drive dimensions against the available space inside your statue or stupa to ensure that it will fit.


  • 108 Names of Manjushri (Manjushri Namasangiti) – 970 billion
  • Gaden Lhagyama and Migtsema – 97,970 billion
  • Vajrapani Mantra – 970 trillion
  • Chenrezig Mantra – 970 quadrillion
  • Manjushri Mantra – 970 trillion
  • A Gem to Increase Life and Wisdom (White Tara Prayer) – 97 trillion
  • Amitayus Prayer– 97 trillion
  • Namgyalma Prayer – 97 trillion
  • Vajrayogini Eight-Line Praise and Mantra (by Zong Rinpoche) – 970 trillion
  • His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche’s Name Mantra - 970 trillion
  • His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche’s Name Mantra – 970 trillion
  • His Holiness Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche’s Name Mantra – 970 trillion
  • Praise to the 21 Taras – 97 trillion
  • Migatramdo (To repel negative talk) – 970 trillion
  • Medicine Buddha Mantra – 970 trillion
  • Heart Sutra (English and Tibetan) – 450 trillion
  • Sengdongma Prayer and Mantra – 970 quadrillion
  • Praise to Kuan Yin (Da Bei Zhou) – 970 trillion
  • The Golden Light Sutra – 970 trillion
  • Black Manjushri Prayer and Mantra – 97 trillion
  • Druchuma (Kalarupa Prayer) - 970
  • White Mahakala Praise and Mantra – 970 billion
  • Vaishravana Prayer and Mantra – 970 trillion
  • 100 Deities of Tibetan Buddhism (Rinjung Gyatsa) – 97 billion
  • Yellow Dzambala Prayer and Mantra – 9 trillion
  • Six-Armed Mahakala Prayer and Mantra – 970 trillion
  • Dorje Shugden Long Kangsol – 9
  • Five Families of Dorje Shugden (images) – 970 trillion each
  • Five Families of Dorje Shugden and Entourage Mantra – 970 trillion each
  • Wealth Dorje Shugden Prayer by H.E. Zemey Rinpoche – 1080
  • Kache Marpo Prayer and Mantra – 97 billion
  • Palden Lhamo Prayer and Mantra – 1080
  • Lama Chopa – 970 trillion
  • Drolchok – 970 trillion
  • If mounting behind a tsa tsa, identify a flat location and affix the Mantra Drive to the tsa tsa with a suitable adhesive. To protect the Mantra Drive, you may encase it in acrylic or other material before mounting.
  • If inserting into a statue, open the base of the statue, wipe it down with saffron water then scatter a mixture of SangdrukMenchepowdered incense and crushed Phajung Rilbu and allow to air dry. Purify the interior with incense then, insert the Mantra Drive along with other traditional substances such as holy rilbus, relics, more incense, Protector Knot and Protector Rice.
  • If inserting into a small stupa, open the base of the stupa and insert the Mantra Drive along with other holy items.
  • Use as an additional substance as part of the traditional mantra insertion for statues and stupas to multiply the blessings.
  • Ideally, a consecration ritual (Rabney) is performed after the mantra insertion is completed.
  • Wrapped in gold brocade and sealed with gold wax
  • Width: 46 mm (1.8-in)
  • Height: 20 mm (0.8-in)
  • Depth: 10 mm (0.4-in)
  • Weight: 10 g (0.35 oz)

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