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Formulated from 111 medicinal ingredients, Menche is a traditional substance widely used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals. Add a small amount to your favourite incense mixture, use it when filling statues and stupas, or add to serkym or torma ingredients to enhance your petitions to the Three Jewels.
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Prepared under the supervision of the eminent healing lama, H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche, Menche is handmade from 111 healing and medicinal ingredients according to ancient scriptural methods and formulae. The carefully selected ingredients include gold, silver, juniper, frankincense, sandalwood, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom.

A traditional substance used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals, Menche is available in a convenient powdered form and can be:

  • Added to your favourite incense mixture and offered to the Three Jewels. Menche releases a distinctive spicy aroma when burnt.

  • Added to your serkym offering prior to reciting the serkym offering verses.

  • Mixed with saffron water and other traditional substances, then used to coat the interior of a statue, stupa or wealth vase to purify and cleanse the interior.

  • Used as an ingredient in "zungzhu" (traditional filling of statues and stupas), especially at the base chakra.

  • Used as one of the ingredients when creating a wealth vase.

  • Added to the traditional "three white and three sweet" torma ingredients to enhance your offerings to the Three Jewels.

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