I Am Connected Flower Offering
I Am Connected Flower Offering

I Am Connected Flower Offering

SKU: 81003444

I Am Connected Flower Offering

SKU: 81003444
  • Done-for-you Tibetan Buddhist service
  • Authentic lineage, performed by trained practitioners
  • Proceeds go towards supporting the temple
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Join with other like-minded souls to offer fresh blooms to H.E. Tsem Rinpoche's Relic Stupa. I AM CONNECTED is an affordable group flower offering ideal for anyone seeking to create a spiritual connection with Rinpoche.

"Every time I receive flowers, I offer them up immediately on my altar to the Buddhas." – Tsem Rinpoche

In particular, the offering of flowers creates the causes for us to have a strong, healthy and attractive body, trains our minds in focus and concentration, and develops an artistic eye. Offering flowers also creates the causes for us to realise Samsara’s beauty and its impermanent nature, and for us to be reborn in pleasant environments that are conducive to spiritual practice.

Flowers will be arranged in a vase along with a personalised dedication card and our team will offer it at Rinpoche's Relic Stupa for the weekly Swift Return Puja.

* Due to seasonal changes, we reserve the right to replace the arrangement with flowers of similar value.

Requesting a Service

  1. Set a positive intention before requesting the offering service. The purer your intention, the greater the merit generated.
  2. Select your desired offering quantity, size and style (where applicable).
  3. In the “Sponsor” section: Provide the name of the sponsor (benefactor).
  4. In the “Dedication” section: Provide the name of the person/entity the offering is dedicated to. You can include a specific wish or request. Our sangha/pastors will dedicate the merits according to your wishes.
  5. After submitting your offering service request, rejoice and dedicate the merits.
  6. We will inform you by email once your offering has been fulfilled.

If you are uncertain which offering service best suits your needs, please contact us for assistance.

Making Offerings to the Guru

A guru is our spiritual teacher, the one who shows us how to improve ourselves so that we can become better people, kinder to the people around us, and progress on the spiritual path. The guru is an integral part of our spiritual journey because all spiritual attainments are the result of our guru’s blessings.

Merits are another integral part of the spiritual journey. Without merits, we will lack conducive conditions to learn and practise the Dharma. There are many methods of generating merits — one of the best ways of doing so is by making offerings to your guru, or to high lamas such as His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche.

“Giving to your Guru is the same as making continual offerings to all the Buddhas. From such giving, much merit is gathered. From such collection comes the supreme powerful attainment of Buddhahood.” – Ashvaghosha, 50 Verses of Guru Devotion

The practice of making offerings to the guru is a core Buddhist practice, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism. It is the guru who teaches us the Dharma in ways that are relatable to our everyday experience. They teach us according to our level and means, without which Dharma practice is simply dry knowledge. Therefore, when we make sincere offerings to the guru, the merit we create to actualise the teachings in our lives is incredibly transformative.

Although Tsem Rinpoche has passed into parinirvana, it is an excellent practice to continue making offerings to Rinpoche's holy relics just as we did when Rinpoche was still physically with us. This not only keeps our spiritual connection with this great being strong, but also generates vast merits for Rinpoche's swift return.

About Tsem Rinpoche

His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche was a world-renowned Buddhist teacher, the 25th incarnation from a long line of Indian, Nepali and Tibetan Buddhist masters dating back to over 2,500 years ago. He was the founder of the Kechara Buddhist Organisation headquartered in Malaysia, a prolific author of commentaries, discourses and books on Buddhism, and a beloved spiritual guide to many disciples around the world.

He dedicated his entire life to the practice and proliferation of Buddhism especially through the digital world, and his teachings have touched the hearts and changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe.

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