Dana Offering Fund

Dana Offering Fund

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Dana Offering Fund

SKU: 88000008
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Dana is an act of generosity, intended to develop selflessness and overcome greed and desires. Although dana commonly refers to the offering of a meal, it can also refer to an offering of other basic necessities to a monk or a nun.

"We should all sponsor the sangha and make it our priority. Without this priority, how can we expect Dharma to remain? Do not think supporting the sangha is a burden or only when you have extra resources because if you ponder the value of the sangha, you will realise it is not a burden or extra but a necessity. It is not enough you encountered the Dharma, but you must make sure it is safeguarded for future generations… how? Through the sangha naturally." – Tsem Rinpoche

To make an offering of dana, make a good motivation, choose your donation amount and let us do the rest. Do it wholeheartedly and feel happy that you have made an offering. Know that in your offering, you are creating the causes for lifetimes of happiness for yourself and your loved ones.

Your offering will be shared by all ordained Sangha in Kechara.

Making a Donation

  1. Set a positive intention before making a donation. The purer your intention, the greater the merit generated.
  2. Select your desired amount and style of sponsorship (where applicable).
  3. In the “Sponsor” section: Provide the name of the sponsor (benefactor).
  4. In the “Dedication” section: Provide the name of the person/entity the sponsorship is dedicated to. You can include a specific wish or request. This will be read during the dedication of merits.
  5. After making the donation, rejoice and dedicate the merits you have generated.
  6. From time to time, we share updates of various projects on our website and social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). Please follow us if you would like to stay informed.

If you are uncertain which project is best suited to your interests or needs, please contact us for assistance.

Sponsoring the Sangha

Sangha are the community of ordained monks, nuns and lay practitioners who have devoted their lives to sharing the Buddhist tradition and serving the Buddhist community. Putting the needs of others above their own, the Sangha have kept Buddha’s teachings alive for over 2,500 years in an unbroken lineage that is moist with his blessings. It is due to their kindness that we are able to receive the pure Dharma today.

Making offerings to the Sangha — such as dana, food, robes, basic necessities or supporting their sacred duties is a mainstay of Buddhist practice. The tradition of sponsoring the Sangha was started by the Buddha himself, and is a way for us to express our appreciation for their compassionate activities.

“The act of making offerings to the Sangha is a fantastic way for us to collect merits and a great way to practice generosity, as taught by the Lord Buddha himself.” – Tsem Rinpoche

Sponsoring the Sangha creates the causes for the Dharma to remain. In making sincere offerings, we create immeasurable positive results for both our secular and spiritual life. This practice of generosity also helps us develop an altruistic mind and overcome greed and attachment. Even more, due to the higher nature of the object of offering, the happiness and sense of fulfilment we gain is unmatched by the results of other forms of altruistic giving.

Please join us in creating the causes for the growth of Dharma, and for the inspiration, happiness and peace that you will gain in your life.

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