Lumen Powder
Lumen Powder
Lumen Powder
Lumen Powder

Lumen Powder

SKU: 81004841

Lumen Powder

SKU: 81004841
  • Ideal for prayer and ritual
  • Authentic Tibetan Buddhist formula
  • Every purchase supports the temple
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Originally prepared under the auspices of the eminent healing lama, H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche, Lumen Powder is handmade from a variety of plant-based ingredients according to ancient scriptural methods and formulae.

Traditionally made in pill form (also known as Lumen Rilbu), Lumen Powder contains the same essential substances but in a convenient powder form. It can be used in all Tibetan Buddhist rituals that require the use of Lumen Rilbu, primarily those associated with naga-related offerings and pujas.

About Nagas

Nagas are a type of serpent spirit that generally reside in woodlands, forests and jungles, as well as areas close to natural water bodies. These powerful beings are endowed with magical powers and are custodians of great wealth.

Their abilities include controlling the weather, bringing good fortune, and enhancing fertility and positivity. Conversely, they can also inflict diseases, obstacles and natural disasters.

When nagas are unhappy, they can cause many problems and harm us like a vengeful enemy. They are highly sensitive, extremely clean and are easily displeased by pollution, construction, destruction of nature, killing of animals, disharmony and broken samaya.

However, if we please and befriend them, nagas can bring immense benefits and help us, just like a powerful friend. Naga pujas and offerings are primarily performed to appease nagas that may have been offended, or to please nagas that are active in areas where we wish to live, work or conduct business.

  • Add to incense mixture when making incense offerings to nagas.
  • Add to the traditional "three white and three sweet" torma ingredients when making torma offerings to nagas.
  • Add to milk offerings for nagas.
  • Use during naga-related pujas e.g. lutor and lusang.
  • Use as filling substance for earth vases (sachok bumpa).
  • Weight: 0.001 kg (0.002 lb)

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