Black Dzambala Gold Statue, 3.5 inch
Black Dzambala Gold Statue, 3.5 inch
Black Dzambala Gold Statue, 3.5 inch
Black Dzambala Gold Statue, 3.5 inch

Black Dzambala Gold Statue, 3.5 inch

SKU: 81005659

Black Dzambala Gold Statue, 3.5 inch

SKU: 81005659
  • Handcrafted by Himalayan artisans
  • Traditional Buddhist iconography
  • Customised art services available
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A miniature gold-plated statue of Black Dzambala, whose image brings spiritual wealth, helps overcome emotional poverty, and develops the mind of compassion. His blessings and the value of his practice are universal, hence keeping a statue of him, or giving his statue away as a gift is beneficial to anyone, anywhere. Suitable for small shrines at home, in the workplace, or as part of a portable travel altar.

  • Handcrafted from copper by Himalayan artisans.
  • Deity iconography according to Buddhist scriptural sources.
  • Electroplated gold finish.
  • Mantra insertion and other statue enhancement services available for greater blessings and merits.

WITH COMPLIMENTS (while stocks last)
Get a complimentary set of 7 herbal rilbus for every statue you invite.

* As each item is handcrafted, variations in shape, colour and finishing may occur from piece to piece. These do not impact its spiritual function and benefits.

About Black Dzambala

A manifestation of Buddha Akshobhya, Black Dzambala is sometimes called the chief of the five forms of Dzambala. As a wealth deity whose practice emphasises the activity of wrath, he can benefit anyone suffering from extreme poverty and the most dire situations.

On a worldly level, he can bring material resources, success and help us overcome financial difficulties. He purifies bad luck and obstacles, prevents theft, bad debts and loss of wealth, and grants happiness and the fulfilment of wishes. His practice also brings spiritual riches, helping us overcome emotional poverty, miserliness, greed and the inability to give or share.

Sometimes known as Kubera, the Hindu God of Wealth, every part of his form represents increase and growth, from his stout pot-bellied body indicating wealth to the jewel-spitting mongoose in his left hand signifying the ability of his practice to bear fruit. He holds a skull cup (kapala) in his right hand and wears a snake necklace.

  • Material: Copper, gold plated
  • Height: 85 mm (3.3-in)
  • Width: 56 mm (2.2-in)
  • Depth: 25 mm (1-in)
  • Weight: 0.11 kg (0.24 lb)

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