Antique Copper Tibetan Gau Prayer Box, 18 inch
Antique Copper Tibetan Gau Prayer Box, 18 inch
Antique Copper Tibetan Gau Prayer Box, 18 inch

Antique Copper Tibetan Gau Prayer Box, 18 inch

SKU: 81004600

Antique Copper Tibetan Gau Prayer Box, 18 inch

SKU: 81004600
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  • Handcrafted by Himalayan artisans
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This traditionally-shaped Tibetan gau is handcrafted from copper by master Himalayan craftsmen. It features rich carvings of mystical Tibetan animals and auspicious symbols such as snow lions, garudas, dragons, makaras, elephants and wish-fulfilling jewels. The large window allows the precious items contained within to be viewed.

This spacious fitted-back gau is large enough to hold a medium-sized statue or extra large tsa tsa alongside holy items and blessed objects, and can be used as a portable shrine or placed on your altar.

* As each item is handcrafted, variations in shape, colour and finishing may occur from piece to piece. These do not impact its spiritual function and benefits.

About Gaus

The Tibetan Gau (or Ghau) is a prayer box or amulet container traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhists as a reliquary to hold and carry sacred objects. They were usually filled with small statues, tsa tsas or other representation of the owner’s meditational deity wrapped in silk cloth, along with other holy objects or blessed items.

Gaus were traditionally kept in custom-made silk pouches and carried close to the heart by the nomadic Tibetans during their travels as a source of protection and blessings. In modern times, they can also be used as a portable shrine, protective talisman or placed on your altar.

  • Hold the front and back edges of the gau firmly and slide the two halves apart.
  • Fill the gau with the items of your choice. Traditionally, the gau is lined with yellow silk to protect the items within and to secure them in place. Foam or other materials can also be inserted to ensure the items inside the gau do not move about.
  • Optional: Fit a piece of glass at the underside of the window to protect the items within.
  • Close the gau by sliding the friction-fit halves back into place.
  • Ensure the gau remains shut by looping string or cord through the metal loops on both sides of the gau and securing them at the back.
  • Material: Copper
  • Height: 457 mm (18-in)
  • Width: 405 mm (16-in)
  • Depth: 125 mm (4.9-in)
  • Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lb)

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