24K Gold Leaf Foil
24K Gold Leaf Foil

24K Gold Leaf Foil

SKU: 81004825

24K Gold Leaf Foil

SKU: 81004825
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Offer 24 karat genuine gold leaf foil (99.99% purity) to the Buddhas at your home or office shrine with our DIY gold leaf offerings. Or use for other purposes which requires pure gold leaf of the highest quality.

Offering gold and other precious substances helps us collect merits, gain spiritual attainments and creates the causes to attain a healthy and attractive body.

Each delicate hammered gold leaf sheet is:

  • Made from 99.99% pure gold with trace amounts of silver, copper and other metal elements.
  • Produced by artisans in labour-intensive procedures and subject to stringent quality control.
  • Uses the latest gold foil forging technologies including customised baking and special cutting techniques.

Available in packs of 10 sheets.

According to Buddhist wisdom, the offering of any pure and precious substance to the Buddhas helps us collect merits, gain spiritual attainments, and creates the causes to attain a Buddha’s body - one that is healthy, pleasant and possesses charisma that leads others to the Dharma. The offering of gold, which represents spiritual and material wealth, also helps us reduce our attachments to the objects we hold dear. This is essential to advance in our spiritual practice.

Our 24 karat gold leaf foil is sourced from one of the world's five largest gold foil production centres, which provides the highest quality gold leaf for use in religious shrines, national monuments, imperial structures, works of art, outdoor and indoor gilding, as well as jewellery and cosmetic applications.

  • Material: 24k gold leaf
  • Height: 43 mm (1.7-in)
  • Width: 43 mm (1.7-in)
  • Thickness: ~ 0.11 microns

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