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Dorje Shugden Incense Offering

The incense offering ritual to Dorje Shugden swiftly calls upon this powerful Tibetan guardian deity for protection, assistance, blessings, and the fulfilment of wishes. Traditionally offered on mountain tops and in holy sites, now you can make abundant 'sang' offerings to Dorje Shugden from wherever you are in the world. Send us your request and we'll make offerings and prayers on your behalf at his holy abode — Kechara Forest Retreat.

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Sangsol or incense offering is a powerful ritual that is traditionally performed to call upon Dorje Shugden for protection, assistance, blessings, and the fulfilment of wishes, especially in times of urgent need. For instance, when His Holiness the Dalai Lama was fleeing Tibet in 1959, members of the escape party religiously performed the incense offering ritual every morning before continuing on their journey to request for Dorje Shugden's protection and blessings. As a result, the Dalai Lama and his entourage arrived safely in India without coming to any harm.

The incense offering ritual is usually performed outdoors during religious celebrations and special occasions such as marriages, birthdays, Losar (Tibetan New Year) and during pujas. The offering of fragrant incense is also said to create the causes for us to hold any vows we have taken strongly. These include the Refuge vows, Pratimoksa vows, Bodhisattva vows and Tantric vows.

Now you can make abundant 'sang' offerings to Dorje Shugden from wherever you are in the world. Send us your request and we'll make offerings and prayers on your behalf at the Dorje Shugden grotto in Kechara Forest Retreat.

Our incense offering ritual is performed in accordance with the text composed by His Eminence Serkong Dorje Chang, and we use traditional offering substances such as juniper leaves, Ganden Khenpa, and Dorje Shugden incense powder along with Blessed Protector Rice.

The Benefits of Sangsol

  • Calls upon Dorje Shugden and his entourage to come forth to fulfil your requests
  • Increases the merits accumulated on auspicious days and during special celebrations
  • Purifies negative karma, especially in relations to broken samaya
  • Removes obstacles, especially those that may hinder virtuous activities
  • Dispels negative energies and purifies the environment in homes, business premises and work places
  • Pacifies unseen beings

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* This is an offering item and no actual product will be shipped.


Great contributionReview by Jim Lau
Dorje Shugden Incense Offering is a good contribution. Please do also support. TQ (Reviewed on 3/29/2021)
Gratitude Review by HSL
by offering incense to Lord Dorje Shugden gives me greater peace of mind (Reviewed on 3/10/2021)
GratefulReview by CKG
You are there for us protector in our difficult times. Thank you ever so much for your assistance to us samsaric beings. May your grace and blessings be eternally present in our lives. (Reviewed on 3/5/2021)
Very Effective Review by Chan Chee Ming
Very powerful and effective incense offering and really appreciate Dorje Shugden clear my obstacles!

OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA (Reviewed on 10/10/2020)
Love it!Review by Andrea
, (Reviewed on 7/31/2020)
Turn of eventsReview by Lorna Hoong
My husband have been having bad lucks for months. Work wasn’t going well and businesses suffered for months. As a result he is stressed and depressed. Our family life also suffered. About a month after purchasing the Dorje Shugden Incense Offering, his luck begins to change for the better. He had some drastic changes in his life includes removing toxic people from around him, new business opportunities and he seems lighter and happier. Thank you. (Reviewed on 2/19/2020)
MiraclesReview by Yuen Kheng Leong
My surgical left leg ankle was having off and on pain. Also, I often have miserable days and stressed out. After this offering, amazingly that my left ankle is currently having much less pain than before and I can walk better. By the way, my left ankle has 3 metal plates and 20 screws. My days are better now with a more happier mood than before. I am more lively and relax now. I am so glad I did this offering and DS has been helping me all the way. Most of the morning, I also chant DJ mantra, ‘Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha’ before I start my day. Thank you so much for this opportunity for me to thank DJ for helping me. (Reviewed on 11/6/2019)
Meet expectationsReview by Lim Mei Mei
Easy n clear. Everything that I want are all here. (Reviewed on 10/8/2019)
So powerful! Review by Xochitl Lara Kraudy
It’s a powerful offering. (Reviewed on 10/1/2019)
Thank you so much!Review by Xochitl Lara Kraudy
Without this possibility there would be no chance for me to make traditional incense offerings to DS. Thank you so much! (Reviewed on 9/17/2019)

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