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Ganden Khenpa Loose Incense

Originating from the sacred grounds of Gaden Monastery, Ganden Khenpa is also called the “Obstacle-Clearing Grass”. At a time when Tibet was plagued with illnesses, the great Lama Tsongkhapa cut and scattered his hair on the ground. Where his hair fell grew the herbal Ganden Khenpa, which has been used for generations for healing in traditional Tibetan Medicine, and made into incense for purifying spaces and for making offerings to the Buddhas. When burnt, it produces a fresh, grassy scent.
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The fragrance of incense can be found in every culture in our world. In Buddhism, besides its use in devotional rituals and as an offering to invite the blessings of the Buddhas, incense is also used as medicine, as an air purifier, or just simply as a fragrance.

Burning incense has many benefits such as in aromatherapy for improving concentration, stimulating creativity, and relieving headaches, stress and depression. Incense smoke is also known to contain anti-bacterial properties. Recently in China, incense was used to sterilise a hospital ward and found to be just as effective as chemical agents.

Known for its medicinal and purifying properties, Ganden Grass, or Ganden Khenpa in Tibetan, has been used in monasteries and by every Tibetan household for nearly 600 years.

Originating from the sacred grounds of Gaden Monastery, one of the great three Gelug monasteries, it is said that at a time when Tibet was plagued with illnesses, the great Lama Tsongkhapa, founder of Gaden Monastery and the Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, sought a way to relieve the sufferings of all sentient beings. He cut and scattered his hair on the ground and where his hair fell, from the consecrated ground grew the herbal Ganden Khenpa.

Ganden Khenpa is also called the “Obstacle-Clearing Grass” and is highly sought after. When made into incense, it is burnt to purify the air and as an offering to the Buddhas for clearing obstacles. As a medicinal herb, it is used in Tibetan Medicine as an anti-inflammatory and to improve blood circulation. The personal physician of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama promotes Ganden Khenpa as an effective remedy for respiratory illnesses, for colds and flu as well as to cleanse a polluted space. Ganden Khenpa can also be used for filling Buddha statues, stupas and holy objects.

Also known as “Tibetan Sage”, Ganden Khenpa comes from the Artemis family of herbs, the same family as Wormwood and Desert Sage, used by Native Americans for spiritual healing rituals.

When burnt, Ganden Khenpa produces a fresh grassy scent.

Directions for Use

  • Burn on hot coals or in an electric incense burner
  • Sprinkle a small amount on burning incense sticks
  • Can be mixed with other types of loose incense and burnt in the same manner
  • Use in traditional Tibetan Medicine according to the advice of a qualified Tibetan doctor
  • Insert into Buddha statues

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  • Height: 260mm (10.23-inch)
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Calming and Relaxing incense Review by Sallie Ng
I burn ganden khenpa incense daily - 2x a day. (Morning and evening). It really helps to cleanse and remove all the negative energy in my home and provides me a calming and soothing feeling. Whenever I smell the incense. ..it imvigorates me as it gave out a very nice flagrancë..n importantly It is non toxic. I bought 6 more of the ganden khenpa...without it I can't sleep well. (Reviewed on 11/8/2023)
Great for clearing negative energy and soothing scentReview by Sallie
Love this soothing scent incense. Helps to clear off negative energy and calm my mind greatly. Able to sleep well after burning the incense. (Reviewed on 9/16/2023)
RelaxationReview by Khong Jien Howe
May all sentient beings benefit from these sang offerings. (Reviewed on 8/25/2021)
RelaxationReview by Khong Jien Howe
May all sentient beings benefit from these sang offerings. (Reviewed on 8/25/2021)
Great product to use especially in current pandemic as this incense will help to purify our environment.Review by Lum Kok Luen
Great product (Reviewed on 5/26/2021)
greatReview by Russell Jones
wonderful (Reviewed on 7/16/2020)
goodReview by Christina Ng Yoke Hua
burned easily. (Reviewed on 7/15/2020)
Soothing smell Review by Julie Yeong
I literally burn this loose incense daily to clear the home of any negative energy. Soothing in smell . Calm feeling . ❤️ (Reviewed on 5/5/2020)
Nice****Review by Kenn Lai
Good and gentle smell. (Reviewed on 8/22/2019)
Helps me write better.Review by Sharon
Love its grassy green and calming scent. I like to burn this whenever I need a clear and calm mind to write. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to relax, calm their minds and I bet it would help for meditations and yoga too. (Reviewed on 10/11/2017)

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