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Blessed Wu Tai Shan Mala

This limited-edition mala, featuring 108 Dragon Wood beads specially sourced from the slopes of the sacred Wu Tai Shan (Mount Wutai) in China, has been blessed by the Dharma Protector of Kechara during trance in the monastery.

This handmade mala also features vintage metal markers and a sterling silver charm of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri, symbolic of his wisdom energy and blessings imbued within.
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This limited-edition blessed mala (prayer beads or Buddhist rosary) is made from 108 Dragon Wood beads, with vintage metal markers at the 21st and 54th positions. A sterling silver charm of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri at the guru bead is symbolic of his wisdom energy and blessings imbued within.

Also known as six-line or six-grain wood, Dragon Wood is specially sourced from the slopes of the sacred Wu Tai Shan (Mount Wutai) in China. The Buddha mentioned in the sutras that Wu Tai Shan is located between his eyebrows and that is where Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom, would reside, teach and benefit sentient beings. Thus, Manjushri's blessings pervade all of Wu Tai Shan and everything that grows in that region.

Each individual mala bead is painstakingly hand-carved and has exactly six lines of natural wood grain, which symbolises OM MANI PEME HUM, the mantra of Chenrezig or Kuan Yin. The six lines also symbolise being free of rebirth in the six realms of existence - in other words, the achievement of Enlightenment.

Dragon wood is well known for its dense texture and smooth surface, making it very hardy and virtually unbreakable. The dragon wood shrub also grows very slowly, making such malas very rare and highly prized by Buddhists the world over.

This exclusive mala has been blessed by the Dharma Protector of Kechara during trance in the monastery. As trances are a very rare occasion even in the monasteries, so are the items blessed by the Protector.

Our blessed malas are highly sought after as they are imbued with the Dharma Protector’s energies, blessings and presence. As such, when one uses a blessed mala, it unlocks our karmic potentials and opens the seeds of Enlightenment in our mindstreams, enabling us to realise the full benefit of our practices and achieve attainments swiftly.

Blessed malas can be worn around the neck or wrist for a continuous supply of positive energy and protection from harm and spirit disturbances. The mala can be placed on the head of an individual disturbed by negative energies for blessings and protection. The blessed mala can also be placed on the head of a dying person to help the person pass on peacefully.

Dimensions & Product Details

  • 9mm (0.4-inch) x 108 beads
  • Weight: 33g (0.07 lb)

* To preserve the beauty and life span of your jewellery, please read these care tips.


MalaReview by Jack Lau
It is a joy to have a Mala to use . I am grateful that I could obtain a blessed mala . (Reviewed on 11/22/2021)
The blessings will make a differenceReview by kevin shari
The blessings make a difference (Reviewed on 8/7/2021)
A very good and well thought out malaReview by Lex
This is my second purchased of Vajrasecrets’s mala. Yes, the price is steep but the selling point is they made very good mala. I was having difficulty with the mala but the customer support was very good and helped me to resolved my issue in a flash which I initially thought it could be issue due to handmade. Highly recommended for those who are for seeking for a piece of good mala. This is the place which you should really consider buying from (Reviewed on 4/20/2021)
Best malaReview by Jacey
I’ve bought dozens over the year and this is is my itlotmate favourite. The blessings make a difference and Inlocw the way it looks and feels in my hand. Stunning and perfect... would buy more if it isn’t so pricey.. absolutely worth it thou. (Reviewed on 2/22/2019)

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