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Tsem Rinpoche's Blessed Robes

A piece of cloth from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche's inner yellow robe (ngullen). One of the most highly prized of holy items, the robes of attained masters bestow tremendous blessings of protection and healing, and are one of the key substances used in the making of Tibetan ruels and wealth vases.
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A piece of cloth from H.E. Tsem Rinpoche's inner yellow robe (ngullen), symbolic of the vows of renunciation, as well as the commitment to the Buddhist path.

The personal items of attained masters are invaluable and auspicious for the special energies of the holy person imbued within. Buddhists believe that such items are an extension of the holy being’s body and akin to having the holy master’s blessings and protection present at all times.

The robes of attained masters are one of the most highly prized of such holy items, and the opportunity to invite one home is extremely rare to come by. These blessed robes are sought after for their powerful blessings of protection, healing, arising from Tsem Rinpoche's extensive prayers and practices, altruistic mind, enlightened activities and attainments of Compassion and Wisdom.

Placed in a stupa or worn as a pendant, Tsem Rinpoche's personal robes bestow protection against black magic and spirit harm, bring the energies of healing and longevity, and grants blessings for spiritual and secular life.

Directions for Use

  • Insert into stupa or statue

  • Wear as part of a pendant or chakra, or as a standalone amulet

  • Keep in wallet, purse or luggage

  • Burn for protection and to dispel negative energies


  • 1" (W) x 1" (H) approximate size


Nice to haveReview by Padme Vaijanthi Palanivalu
Well packaged, will be inserting this into my stupa. (Reviewed on 7/10/2023)
Best forever from Rinpoche bless robes Review by Yong kim chuan
Good memory / blessing and protector for all who buy it. Om Benza Wiki Bitana shoa . (Reviewed on 6/7/2022)
Hope Review by Jack Lau
The robes gives me comfort and hope . I use it to inspire me to strive to be a better person everyday (Reviewed on 11/22/2021)
FocusReview by Jack
I bought 2 pieces to insert into my statue and also stupa. Having the robes helps my simple mind feel more connected to the teachings of Tsem Rinpoche. I feel lucky to have this item and will use it to train my mind to better focus during prayer and meditation. (Reviewed on 10/27/2021)
Thank you Review by Anadi Zaripova
I cannot describe how dear for me this item . This helps me to connect to my precious guru even more . so now we connect not only in the spiritual world but in the material world as well. I never met Tsem Rinpoche in person but I feel very strong connection . Tsem Rinpoche is my root guru. (Reviewed on 9/14/2021)
Quality and BlessedReview by Inga
There is no doubt that H.E. Tsem Rinpoche is a Buddha! Such a blessing to be able to have this next to you/with you/during meditations. Beautiful vibrant color, soft to the touch, opening it I could feel His presence all around! If you have a karmic connection with this beautiful soul, I highly recommend this blessed robe! (Reviewed on 4/16/2020)
Guru protectionReview by Lester Lim
If Rinpoche is your lama this is one item that you cannot miss! I use this to fill my protector . Really energise got! (Reviewed on 8/21/2019)
ThrilledReview by Jake
I am absolutely thrilled to be blessed to carry a piece of Tsem Rinpoche's robe with me. I almost cried opening the package I was so excited and overwhelmed. I have put it into a small pendant with a window and it looks fantastic. I now have a constant reminder of my vows and of renunciation, as well as his eminence Tsem Rinpoche's blessings. I definitely recommend this item to anyone who has a karmic connection to Rinpoche. (Reviewed on 8/12/2015)

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