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Tibetan Silk Ritual Cover

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A traditional silken ritual cover or 'Drikap', which is used to keep ritual implements out of view as a sign of humility. The blue and red colours represent the union of Heruka and Vajrayogini.
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In the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism, humility is a virtue that is very much encouraged and practised. As such, higher meditative and Tantric practices are performed privately and secretly, and any attainments gained are kept to oneself. Similarly, the ritual implements of a qualified Tantrika are kept out of sight as much as possible.

This traditional Drikap or ritual cover is handmade from silk and can be placed over one's ritual items when they are not in use, for instance after the completion of sadhanas and in between retreat sessions.

The red side is in contact with the ritual implements and is usually hidden from view, while the blue side is visible. In this way, the Drikap is symbolic of our central channel that is visualised during meditation, blue on the outside and red on the inside. The colour blue also represents Heruka Chakrasamvara while the colour red represents his consort, Vajrayogini.

Product Details

  • Material: Silk
  • Width: 450mm (17.7-inch)
  • Length: 670mm (26.4-inch)
  • Weight: 0.15kg (0.33 lb)


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