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Setrap Brass Statue with Gold Finish, 18 inches

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A gold-finish brass statue of the Dharma Protector Setrap, who is the wrathful emanation of Buddha Amitabha. Fierce yet compassionate, his image grants powerful protection from negative energies and black magic, provides swift assistance to overcome life's problems, and helps us along our spiritual journey.

Get a complimentary set of Herbal Rilbus for every statue you invite.
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A brass statue of Lord Setrap featuring a gold finish and full iconographic detail according to traditional scriptural sources. It is an excellent focal point and meditation aid for one's daily practice.

Setrap's image grants powerful protection against negative energies, spirit disturbances and black magic, and he is known to be extremely effective in providing swift assistance to overcome worldly and spiritual obstacles. His practice also brings success, harmony and peace to all who invoke his blessings.

A fully enlightened Dharma Protector, Setrap is the wrathful emanation of Buddha Amitabha and is the main Dharma Protector of the 600-year-old Gaden Monastery founded by Lama Tsongkhapa. He sits astride a horse, dressed in armour and wearing headgear adorned with five flags. In his right hand, he brandishes a wooden club and in his left, he holds a noose which binds the 'enemy'. This wrathful imagery is symbolic of his swift ability to assist a Dharma practitioner along the spiritual path.

This Setrap statue can be personalised with traditional mantra insertion, brocade clothing such as a Tibetan-style tule and pangden, or a hand-painted face, using real gold dust. You can also offer pearls and semi-precious stones, as H.E. Tsem Rinpoche always encourages the practice of making offerings to the Three Jewels, which creates the causes for us to attain the six paramitas (perfections).

Made by Kechara under the auspices of its founder and spiritual guide, H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche.

Get a complimentary set of Herbal Rilbus for every statue you invite.
* While stocks last.

Product Details

  • Material: Brass
  • Height (with flags): 465mm (18-inch)
  • Height (without flags): 414mm (16.3-inch)
  • Width: 292mm (11.5-inch)
  • Depth: 178mm (7-inch)
  • Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lb)

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* Prices listed exclude personalisation services (e.g. face painting, body painting, mantra insertion, traditional clothing, etc). Product images are for display purposes only.


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