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Red Protector String Bracelet

The "Red String", as seen on the wrists of Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and so many more, is a powerful protection bracelet that is as old as religion itself. Wearing the protective red string bracelet is a common practice in Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah and Christianity. It's worn for various purposes including for protection, healing, and positive energy.

Made from our highly sought after blessed protector string, these bracelets are all imbued with the Dharma Protector’s energies and the traditional knot in the string symbolises his presence.

Suitable for both men and women.
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Origins of the Red String

The tradition of wearing the "Red String" is found in Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah and Christianity, and is a practice as old as religion itself.

The origins of the tradition differ with each faith but all of them treat the red string bracelet as a talisman for blessings and protection. The "scarlet thread" is mentioned in Genesis 38, the first book in the Bible. It is a sacred blessing for Kabbalah practitioners who wear their version of the red string with seven knots. In Hinduism, it's called the "Kalava". It is also an ancient tradition in Buddhism, especially with the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

For Buddhists, the colour red symbolises life force and compassion. Buddhists wear the Red String as a reminder of the Buddha's teachings, to be kind and have compassion for all beings, to be always mindful and to live virtuously.

VajraSecrets Protector String Bracelet

Our Red Protector String Bracelet with a traditional knot has been blessed, bringing protection, healing, and positive energy to whoever is wearing it.

The Protector Strings of Tibetan Buddhism are well-known for their powerful properties to dispel spiritual disturbances and negative energies. They can also be burnt with incense to purify rooms and spaces.

For travellers, these red strings are blessings for a safe journey and can be either worn on the body or just placed in luggage. They make ideal gifts for loved ones to help prevent untoward incidents. They are also sometimes used as protective blessings for the dearly departed.

Blessed by the Wisdom Protector Dorje Shugden

Our handmade adjustable Red Protector String Bracelet has been blessed by the Wisdom Protector Dorje Shugden in trance at various Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Such occasions when qualified and authentic Tibetan Oracles take trance of powerful enlightened beings are extremely rare, thus the wearers of these strings are very fortunate indeed.

An aspect of the Buddha of Wisdom, Manjushri, Dorje Shugden confers powerful blessings that bring swift assistance when you need it.

Made from our highly sought after blessed protector string, these bracelets are all imbued with the Dharma Protector’s energies and the traditional knot in the string symbolises his presence.

Suitable for both men and women.

Product Details

  • Sliding knot for easy fastening
  • Length: Approximately 160 - 240mm (6.3 - 9.4-inch)
  • Weight: 0.005 kg (0.01 lb)


Strong & durableReview by Wong Wei Yang
Vibrant color (Reviewed on 8/9/2022)
Strong & durableReview by Wong Wei Yang
Vibrant color (Reviewed on 8/9/2022)
Beautiful StringReview by Marcus
A beautiful red string that we can wear carrying the beautiful protector string with the blessings of Dorje Shugden imbued in it. Thank you. (Reviewed on 7/27/2022)
Durable string and size adjustable Review by Abby Dao
I’ve been wearing the string everyday and also give my dog one to wear on his neck. The string fits us perfectly. Lightweight and does not get in the way. Great accessories to serve as a constant reminder to do Dharma. (Reviewed on 11/15/2021)
Great! Love it, Thank you. Review by Belisa Lim
Wearing it everyday. Love it. (Reviewed on 10/21/2021)
5Review by Kuek Lim Boi
Beautiful..I love the product. (Reviewed on 8/21/2021)
Our String Bracelet arrived on time from half way round the world.Review by Gai Howe
Just as promised...all blessings (Reviewed on 7/21/2021)
Good qualityReview by Chia Ann Ri
Great gift for anyone due to its neutral symbol (Reviewed on 7/13/2021)
Excellent! Review by Chris Chong
Very nice bracelet and like it very much! Thank you Vajra Secrets! (Reviewed on 6/15/2021)
Absolutely flawless.Review by May Lynn
I bought the bracelet as a gift for my brother who was about to go for a business trip. The quality is flawless and strong. Many thanks. (Reviewed on 3/7/2021)
Good quality Review by Irene Solley
Took a little longer than expected to arrive, but the quality was worth the wait. (Reviewed on 11/26/2020)
Perferct gift for my husbandReview by Brenda Lee
perfect gift (Reviewed on 11/23/2020)
Great !Review by Antonio Jaquez
Well made . (Reviewed on 7/16/2020)
nice Review by Christina Ng Yoke Hua
good as can adjust to size of wrist (Reviewed on 7/15/2020)
10/10Review by River Ludwig
Excellent product, arrived promptly. I feel blessed!

Thank you! (Reviewed on 4/29/2020)
Very niceReview by Simone Oggioni
Very good bracelet, i can feel his power. (Reviewed on 3/4/2020)
Protector stringReview by Jacqueline Tan
This is my 2nd time ordering these protector strings. This time, it is made in the form of a bracelet, which make is very easy to wear.
The quality of the string is very good.
Highly recommended for its spiritual protective benefits and ease of wearing. (Reviewed on 8/28/2019)
ExcellentReview by Alex
Good quality. (Reviewed on 4/1/2019)
5Review by Biljana
Ok (Reviewed on 3/21/2019)
Red BraceletReview by Maria
Perfect...durable...adjustable....comfortable to wear & protector you cannot ask for more....Namaste Vajrasecrets (Reviewed on 10/11/2018)
Red StringReview by Maria
Red string dates back to Genesis 38 (the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation in the Bible) and the story of Rachel who gave to others and was blessed in return.

(Reviewed on 9/7/2018)

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