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Naga Incense Powder

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Naga Incense Powder is handmade from carefully harvested Himalayan herbs, oils, resins and spices in accordance with traditional methods and formulae. It is specifically formulated as an offering to the Nagas, powerful serpent-like beings whose abilities include the power to bestow positive and negative situations according to their level of pleasure or displeasure.
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Naga Incense Powder has been carefully hand-made to meet the highest standards of quality, following a strict formula found in an ancient traditional text from a variety of medicinal herbs, oils, resins and spices from the Himalayan mountains.

Prepared under the supervision of the eminent healing lama, H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche, Naga Incense Powder releases a mellow and soothing earthy aroma when burnt. It is specifically formulated as an offering to Nagas, powerful serpent-like beings whose abilities include controlling the weather, bringing good fortune and wealth, and enhancing fertility and positivity. Conversely, nagas can also inflict disease, obstacles and natural disasters when displeased.

This popular herbal incense is highly sought after for its potent ability to please and appease Nagas. It is wise to make traditional offerings of incense to nagas prior to disturbing the earth for any reason, particularly for construction and development projects. Nagas are very sensitive towards humanity's carelessness, improper conduct in nature and disrespectful actions in relations to the environment. Disturbed nagas will frequently retaliate with skin diseases and natural calamities unless the appropriate offerings and pujas are done beforehand.

This natural incense powder is non-toxic, contains no narcotic or habit-forming ingredients, and is environmentally-friendly and completely safe for inhalation. For the best experience, burn in a Tibetan-style incense burner.

Directions for Use

  • Burn on hot coals or in an electric incense burner
  • Sprinkle a small amount on burning incense sticks (ensure the incense sticks are free of animal products)
  • Can be mixed with other types of loose incense (which must be free of animal products) and burnt in the same manner
  • Keep in a clean and high place to avoid polluting or dirtying the incense

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  • Weight: 141g (0.31 lb)

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