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Mixed Offering Crystals

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An assortment of polished offering crystals including rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli and green aventurine. Add them to faux pearls, beads or other crystals to enhance your mandala offering substances, or use as a topper for the grains in your offering vessels.
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By tradition, Buddhists are encouraged to offer the best within their ability and means. In the case of offering bowls and mandala sets, grains such as rice and barley were traditionally used to fill the offering vessels. These days however, precious and semi-precious stones are the offering substances of choice.

These polished mixed crystals can be used to fill your mandala set or sensory offering bowls. Add them to faux pearls, beads or other crystals to enhance your mandala offering substances, or use as a topper for the grains in your offering vessels. The selection of stones includes:

  • Rose Quartz, which symbolises the energy of unconditional love and is said to open the Heart Chakra to all forms of love - family, friends, romantic and oneself. It stimulates the imagination and creativity such as art, music and the written word.

  • Green Aventurine, which promotes emotional well-being and is known to calm anger and irritation. It's also a good all-round healer and can help stabilise the mind, stimulate perception and enhance creativity.

  • Clear Quartz, which is known for its ability to absorb, focus, transform and balance energy, neutralising negative energies such as radiation and amplifying positive energies, including the effects of other stones. It also increases awareness, concentration and clarity of mind.

  • Lapis Lazuli, which is known to aid physical and emotional healing and is particularly linked to the Throat Chakra. Commonly associated with the Medicine Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism, it promotes peace, serenity and encourages honesty, compassion and harmony in relationships.

  • Amethyst, which is a natural tranquiliser that heals, calms and brings relief to anyone who is overworked, stressed, hyperactive or obsessive-compulsive. This spiritual stone helps to still our thoughts when we're in meditation, and activates the mind to achieve our spiritual potential.

  • Jasper, which is a stone of grounding and stability that brings comfort, security and strength. Known for its potent self-healing properties, this is a good stone to have in times of stress as it brings tranquility and helps further personal growth.

  • Carnelian, which is often carried as a talisman for success in business ventures as it attracts prosperity, new resources and good luck. This stone of motivation, endurance and leadership is known to help restore vitality and stimulate creativity, particularly for new pursuits.

  • Black Onyx, which is primarily associated with the Root Chakra and is valued for its protective and stabilising qualities. This stone can also be used to help overcome bad habits and promote vigour & stamina.

Offering precious substances creates the causes for us to attain a Buddha’s body — one that is healthy, pleasant and possesses charisma that leads others to the Dharma. Through offering these precious items, we also begin to cut our attachments to the objects we hold dear.

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