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Medicine Buddha Puja Fund

Endowed with supreme healing energies, the Medicine Buddha Puja promotes healing on the body, mind and spirit, bringing swift recovery, granting protection from illnesses and disease, and bestowing strength and clarity of the mind.

It is especially beneficial for people in the healing profession and for those seeking doctors, treatment, diagnosis, healing and effective medicine.
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May I relieve those afflicted by diseases which destroy life, destroy work, leave families broken, worse suffering and take happiness away.
May I relieve them of their disease and suffering, relieve their inner, outer and secret diseases.
May I stop natural calamities and the diseases or unhappiness arising from that.
May I be the cause of people being freed from suffering.

The Medicine Buddha made this special wish prior to gaining enlightenment and he now helps us in the capacity of a potent healer, in a world where illnesses are prevalent.

Endowed with supreme healing energies, the Medicine Buddha Puja promotes healing of the body, mind and spirit, bringing swift recovery, granting protection from illnesses and disease, and bestowing strength and clarity of the mind. It is especially beneficial for people in the healing profession and for those seeking doctors, treatment, diagnosis, healing and effective medicine.

You can opt to order more than 1 puja depending on the severity of your situation.


  • Healing of the body, mind and spirit

  • Increasing the effectiveness of medicines and medical treatments

  • Purification of negative body karma

  • Enhancing the work of those in the healing profession

More Information

*Puja costs are determined by the type and size of the pujas, the extent of offerings required, token monetary offerings for the puja practitioners, and to cover the running costs of the monastery/temple.
  • Small: Performed by 4 puja practitioners with required puja offerings.
  • Large: Performed by 8 puja practitioners with additional puja offerings.
  • Normal: Completed within 14 days after confirmation of payment or from date of receipt of all necessary information, whichever is later.
  • Express: Completed within 3 days after confirmation of payment or from date of receipt of all necessary information, whichever is later.
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The Medicine Buddha Puja is very effectiveReview by Loc Thien Nguyen
The puja is very effective. My illnesses are improved very quickly and I feel much better shortly. Thank you very for the Medicine Buddha Puja (Reviewed on 11/27/2022)
Appreciate the serviceReview by Vivian Chan
Thanks to the kechara team for the puja (Reviewed on 9/27/2022)
Good Review by Wee Kang Boon
Gratitude,my father health has improved (Reviewed on 5/30/2022)
Great Puja Opportunity To Invoke The Medicine Buddha’s AssistanceReview by Marcus
Great puja ordered to help my Grandfather that’s helped him in his recovery and so I must sincerely thank Vajrasecrets and Kechara for this incredible opportunity to have a puja ordered to invoke the Medicine Buddha. (Reviewed on 2/10/2022)
Response was slow but nevertheless the Puja was carried out on the third day at the eleventh hour. Review by Yee Goon Hoong
Appreciate Kechara's commitment and my sister has since recovered from the operation but is now undergoing other recuperative treatment. Thanks for the prayers rendered. (Reviewed on 11/1/2021)
Feeling goodReview by Lam Chinb Lung
Very good feeling physically after the puja. Many thanks to the puja team. (Reviewed on 10/2/2021)
Immensely GratefulReview by HMY
Thank you very much to the puja team for their efforts and hard work.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! (Reviewed on 5/19/2021)
Effective and powerfulReview by RG
I was recommended this puja along with a Namgyal Tsechog and DS puja by Wai Meng for my mother who was in a Covid ICU ward.
I feel combined the pujas were immensely effective. I saw hope in her recovery in a matter of days, considering how serious her condition was. She's now on the road to recovery, slowly but surely. Thank you Wai Meng and puja team. (Reviewed on 5/14/2021)
Grateful Review by Jasmime Kaur
Grateful (Reviewed on 4/26/2021)
Medicine Buddha Puja is truly powerful. Review by HMY
My heartfelt gratitude to all persons involved in the puja for their efforts and hard work.
Thank you very much.
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! (Reviewed on 4/21/2021)
Gratitude Review by HSL
my little nephew cochlear implant surgery went smoothly and he is recovering at home, by conducting medicine buddha puja, it gives us a sense of comfort and assurance that everything will be in good hands, thank you to Wai Ming and Kechara Puja team (Reviewed on 3/10/2021)
Gratitude Review by HSL
my nephew's cochlear implant operation went smoothly, we are extremely thankful to the kechara team for conducting the puja and wai meng for his coordination, the medicine buddha puja really gave us a peace of mind (Reviewed on 2/23/2021)
Health improve dReview by Nagabhushanam
Good. Health improve d (Reviewed on 9/5/2019)
Medicine Buddha Puja is POTENT!Review by Sharon Ong
My mom is a strokee and gave us a major scare when she looked like she was about to have another stroke. My Dad rushed her to the hospital. I ordered an express Medicine Buddha Puja. It was performed just as my mom was going for her MRI at about 7pm. By 8pm, my Dad updated me to say that my mom’s MRI results were good and there were no signs of another stroke.

My Dad later told me that my mom was unusually calm during her MRI and she told my Dad that she felt peaceful. Until then, he didn’t know that I had ordered the puja for her. When I told him about it and the time it was performed, he said that the puja must have worked as the earlier stroke symptoms were all gone and my mom was able to go home.

Thank you for this awesome puja service, VajraSecrets! (Reviewed on 1/11/2019)
Excellent PujaReview by Chee Kheng
Will offer this puja from time to time again. It is very effective in body healing and negative energy removing. Thanks to Kechara Puja Team for their hard work. (Reviewed on 12/1/2018)
Great and effective Review by HARI CHAND
This is my 2nd time sponsored for this medicine guru Buddha with dedication to my auntie. (Reviewed on 3/18/2018)
My Mind calm and the pain is reducesReview by HARI CHAND
self mantra recitation together with puja does bring tremendous positive result for me. my mind calm and the pain reduced when I am under medication. (Reviewed on 1/24/2018)
Very helpful Review by Yin Peng
Excellent (Reviewed on 1/17/2018)
very nice to do and pray for othersReview by Alfredo
excellent (Reviewed on 12/2/2017)
Medicine Puja Review by Ning
So touching to see how dedicated & fast the puja was done in such a short time (Reviewed on 9/13/2017)
SummaryReview by Lily
I dedicated the puja merits to my mum and almost immediately one day after the puja was carried out, mum got relieved from her noxious pain. She could believe it when i revealed about the puja order and we are ever thankful to Kechara for the availability of ordeing puja online!! (Reviewed on 11/5/2015)
Excellent!Review by Margaret
I am very pleased with the efficiency that the puja was arranged and conducted. I ordered the medicine puja on line on 25th Aug at 1:36am, and the puja was done on the same day at 9am. My son has been having high fever and vomitting with a trace of blood from dengue fever, after the puja was conducted, my son's fever subsided the first time without medication, and was on the road to recovery. He checked out 2 days later from hospital. I am truely grateful to the Kechara puja team! (Reviewed on 9/15/2015)
thanksReview by Ash
I want to thank everyone on the prayer's team to do the various Pujas on my behalf and for my friends & relatives.
And Wai Meng for facilitating and valuable advices.
I really appreciate promptness for the puja team for all prayers. (Reviewed on 11/29/2014)
My wife's condition has stabilisedReview by Lester Lim
My wife has been afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an incurable disease. Since middle last year, I have requested Vajrasecrets to perform a one year annual puja for her health. Btw, my wife is a Christian. The puja was performed without her knowledge. Nevertheless, her conditions improved. She is no longer seeing her specialist. Some of her doctor's professional advice, such as extracting the toe nails etc, could even be neglected without any detriment to her health, thanks to the puja. She is now experiencing much fewer bouts of pain. If she had been a Buddhist and prayed along, I believe the effect could have been better. (Reviewed on 11/25/2014)
Medicine Buddha PujaReview by Lily
Recently I offered some flowers and candle offerings for HE Tsem Rinpoche's birthday. I am impressed by the services provided by Vajrasecrets. Photos of the flowers and candle offerings were sent via email as proof of delivery as these items would not have been delivered to me. Thank you very much. (Reviewed on 11/14/2014)
encouraging results from menla pujaReview by GARY foo
i had a very sick relative who had high fever which continued for many days, no appetite until weight loss had made the patient skinny and weak, and was drinking very little water. i was attending to this relative since a friday. puja was eventually done on monday and finished around 11.50am. Monday afternoon patient fever broke and started to feel hungry too and requested for food! over past 3 days (when i was there) he was refusing food thus rendering him very week. this food refusal was already into day 5 by the time i came into the picture. thus although i have heard many wonderful stories about med buddha puja, today i experience it myself. thus one should have confidence and no doubts in the efficacy and blessings of the medicine buddha. my prostrations to the medicine buddha and my lama tsem tulku rinpoche for having such a puja available to bless many sentient beings. (Reviewed on 4/29/2014)
Yesterday morning, I received a call from the nurse in my Doctor’s clinic. What she said was music to my ears. “Madam, your breath test results are out. It’s negative!”

Those words ended more than a month of anxiety over the state of health of my stomach.
In January this year, a blood test showed that my H.Pylori(stomach bacteria in layman’s terms)reading was very high (5 times above the norm).If left alone and untreated, it could become a pre-condition for stomach-related cancer! This piece of information, from my doctor, immediately caused my anxiety neurosis to click in!

I listened in fearful anticipation as my doctor prescribed a course of special antibiotics to be taken over the next 2 to 3 weeks. A month after I’d completed the course, I was to go to her for a breath test to determine whether the H.Pylori problem was still there or not. My tumultuous thoughts ran along these lines: what if I was tested ‘positive’ again? What if my H. Pylori problem remained full-blown?

In the month of waiting to have the test done, I was having stomach problems almost every single day! This didn’t allay my anxiety at all.

Meanwhile, I prayed to Medicine Buddha at the weekly Menlha(Medicine Buddha Puja) in Kechara House.

I went for my breath test on Monday 27 February. The following morning, I received the call and the good news. I was cleared of my H.Pylori problem! Yeh!…

Looking back, I believe that the almost daily stomach aches that I had experienced in the month before I went for the breath test were a form of purification for me.

So now what is there to doubt about the power of Menlha? My anxiety in the month of waiting had stemmed, not from doubting the unwavering compassion of Medicine Buddha, but more from the possibility that a negative karma had ripened and had manifested already. However, from the strong dose of purification I received, I realize that not only are Buddhas compassionate, they are also skillful in their way of answering our prayers. I had need of that purification.

Lim Han Nee
(Posted on 6/16/12)
(Reviewed on 10/18/2012)
Hi Wai Meng. Saw Kechara website & d Forest Retreat looks great & beautiful. Sori cldnt go again this Sun as is Mother's Day. Tks again 4 inviting me. Oh BTW d healing Buddha mantra is great. Got on d youtube & chant along with it. M good now as got use 2 my new diet. Tks again. Mai

(Posted on 5/9/12) (Reviewed on 10/18/2012)

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