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Heart Sutra Puja

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The Heart Sutra Puja is performed by reciting the Heart Sutra a set number of times (e.g.: 100x, 200x, 500x or more) to eliminate all negative forces and hindrances. This puja is a powerful prayer to swiftly eradicate any oncoming major obstacles for the petitioner.
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The Heart Sutra (or Essence of Wisdom Sutra) is one of the most popular and well-known sutras in Mahayana Buddhism, and is part of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra (Prajnaparamita Sutra). It contains the teaching on reality given by Avalokiteshvara on Vulture's Peak in response to Arhat Shariputra's request.

In essence, the Heart Sutra is a Dharma teaching on the wrong perception of existence which causes samsara - due to ignorance, sentient beings commit misdeeds of greed and hatred, and are unable to be liberated from the cyclic existence of samsara; and to gain liberation, one must contemplate on emptiness.

According to Buddhist scriptures, the contemplation or recitation of prayers on emptiness is one of the most effective ways to clear obstacles. As such, the recitation of such a powerful text as the Heart Sutra gives very powerful protection against negative samsaric beings. To clear the most severe obstacles, the Heart Sutra puja is usually combined with rituals i.e. the Sheningdundok Puja.

Available in Small and Medium puja sizes, depending on the scale of the problem.


  • Purifying negativities and bad karma

  • Removing interferences for any future projects or plans

  • Generating positive energy

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* Puja costs are determined by the type and size of the pujas, the extent of offerings required, token monetary offerings for the puja practitioners, and to cover the running costs of the Puja House. To learn more about our pujas, please contact us.

*Pujas will be completed within 14 days after confirmation of payment or from date of receipt of all necessary information, whichever is later.


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