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Dorje Shugden Wishfulfilling Puja Fund

Fulfill your wishes, overcome your problems and protect yourself from negativities and harm with a Dorje Shugden Puja. Dorje Shugden bestows powerful protection from negative energies and black magic, swiftly overcomes life’s obstacles, and attracts the positive energies of wealth, peace and wisdom.
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Dorje Shugden is the wrathful emanation of the Buddha of Wisdom, Manjushri, and is the special protector of the 600-year-old Gelugpa lineage founded by Lama Tsongkhapa. He is known to be extremely effective in providing protection and swift assistance to overcome worldly and spiritual obstacles.

Dorje Shugden’s puja is most efficacious due to his affinity with us, and brings success, harmony and wish-fulfilling blessings to all who have faith in him. Many have testified to his swift and benevolent power as a healer, a provider of spiritual and material opportunities, a defender from negative elements and a source of bliss and harmony in the home.

This wrathful emanation of Manjushri grants improved concentration, clarity of mind and increased wisdom to those who propitiate him. Also known as a wealth Buddha, his practice will bring sincere devotees vast merits and material resources for virtuous activities.

You can opt to order more than 1 puja depending on the severity of your situation.


  • Protects against negative energies, interferences and black magic

  • Overcomes physical and mental obstacles

  • Creates conducive conditions for spiritual practice

  • Brings tremendous material resources, particularly for virtuous activities

  • Heals illnesses and disease

  • Improves concentration, clarity of mind and wisdom

  • More Information

    *Puja costs are determined by the type and size of the pujas, the extent of offerings required, token monetary offerings for the puja practitioners, and to cover the running costs of the monastery/temple.
    • Small: Performed by 4 puja practitioners with required puja offerings.
    • Large: Performed by 8 puja practitioners with additional puja offerings.
    • Normal: Completed within 14 days after confirmation of payment or from date of receipt of all necessary information, whichever is later.
    • Express: Completed within 3 days after confirmation of payment or from date of receipt of all necessary information, whichever is later.
    To learn more about our pujas, please contact us.


Swift recovery from illnessReview by Bradley Wong
Recently I got infected by Covid-19, as the symptoms such as headache and fever worsened, I sponsored a Dorje Shugden Puja, and did Shize's practice with the mantra "OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SHANTI SIDDHI HUNG". After just one night of sleep, the next day my headaches were cleared, and my temperature returned to normal. Only after affects such as sorethroat were left for a few days after. I firmly believe that it was due to the blessings of Dorje Shugden that I was able to make such a swift recovery. (Reviewed on 10/13/2021)
The Puja Transformed MeReview by Ong Siew Hong
I thought the puja effect was slow but eventually realized that it did not only helped me resolved my problem but also made me aware that I may not always achieve the things in life the way I wanted but the problem could be settled the other way round that I did not anticipate! What an great deal here! Thanks to the pastors of Kechara. Thank you Wai Meng, this puja and the diamond path daily sadhana works amazing and life gets better. (Reviewed on 5/23/2021)
ExcellentReview by HMY
My gratitude and sincere thanks to the puja team for their efforts and hardwork.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! (Reviewed on 5/20/2021)
Staff goes beyond miles. Review by See Puoh Share
I'm very happy with the swift puja session conducted by members of the Kechara Forest Retreat. The staff are friendly too and will go beyond miles to help out. (Reviewed on 5/19/2021)
Effective and powerfulReview by RG
I was recommended this puja along with a Namgyal Tsechog and Medicine Buddha puja by Wai Meng for my mother who was in a Covid ICU ward. I feel combined the pujas were immensely effective. I saw hope in her recovery in a matter of days, considering how serious her condition was. She's now on the road to recovery, slowly but surely. Thank you Wai Meng and puja team. (Reviewed on 5/14/2021)
very goodReview by ray
very swift results once pujas are done (Reviewed on 3/26/2021)
very quick resultsReview by ray
was struggling with some immigration documents that normally would take months to complete but everything was done within a week even before the puja started. thank you kechara puja team (Reviewed on 2/16/2021)
Totally AmazingReview by Gordon Ng
Was skeptical but believe me, I felt changes in my life after tht, was having a really bad time and this puja changes that fact. The positive changes are too obvious. (They even provide pictures of the puja done for me! Wow!) (Reviewed on 10/20/2020)
The bestReview by Gordz
The puja was so well done and legit, even took pictures to show me. I have been having a bad year and somehow i could feel the changes after, magical or not, im gonna occasionally do myself this puja, its definitely brought me tones of changes. (Reviewed on 9/26/2020)
Great ServiceReview by Anthony Fragiskos
Great Service (Reviewed on 5/2/2020)
1Review by Otgolt Piper
Thank you (Reviewed on 3/30/2020)
2Review by Otgolt Piper
Thank you so much for wonderful spiritual service. (Reviewed on 3/30/2020)
great productReview by Anthony Fragiskos
great service (Reviewed on 3/13/2020)
Great productReview by Anthony Fragiskos
Great service (Reviewed on 3/12/2020)
Great serviceReview by Anthony Fragiskos
Great service (Reviewed on 3/3/2020)
Dorje Shugden is with us... Always! Review by Kit
I firmly believe that Dorje Shugden is protecting and guarding me and my love ones from all enemies and obstructers. I have deep faith that Dorje Shugden is guiding us towards the fulfilment of our prayers and wishes. Thank you to all of you who performed the puja on our behalf. Our prayers are answered because of faith. (Reviewed on 2/10/2020)
Dorje Shugen has saved a new born baby!Review by So Kin Hoe
Dorje Shugden has saved a pre-matured new born baby at the time of dire. The entire family is thankful with the blessing and protection granted by Dorje Shugden. (Reviewed on 2/1/2020)
Many thanks to KH Puja Team for your team work giving everyone a chance to receive blessings from afar. Thank you Thank you Thank youReview by Ai Chin
Many thanks to KH Puja Team for your team work giving everyone a chance to receive blessings from afar. Thank you Thank you Thank you. (Reviewed on 6/12/2019)
Blessed Review by CG
The puja met my objective. I felt blessed to achieve what I wanted to achieve,i.e, a new job. Couldn't thank Rinpoche and Dorje Shugden plus Kechara and the puja team enough. (Reviewed on 5/9/2019)
Great. unbelievable results. Review by Lim Mei Mei
Instantaneous great results. (Reviewed on 4/29/2019)
Easy and clear.Review by Mei Mei
Its easy straight forward transaction.
Everything is neatly package to your wishes.
Just browse over and you will definitely see something you love. (Reviewed on 4/26/2019)
Highly recommended for people who need assistance in lifeReview by Lester
This is a highly energising Puja that took effect even before it was conducted. I don’t know how to explain. Seemed like Lord Shugden wanted us to seek his help so eagerly that he delivered even before we pay. Strongly recommended! (Reviewed on 2/26/2019)
Great!!!Review by Sharon
I’m very grateful that this puja was done. I felt a cloud lift off of me. I feel lighter. Thank you dear sisters and brothers (Reviewed on 2/17/2019)
Great!Review by Lorna
I'd requested for an improved relationship for myself and husband. I felt an improvement to my surroundings as if the air is fresher, more grounded and less burden on shoulders. I believe the pujas helps and I am very happy with this. A great start for the morning with the husband and look forward to a continuous improvement in our relationship. (Reviewed on 2/16/2019)
Thanksful Review by Giovanni
My dharma brother Wai Meng, sent the pictures of my sponsored puja. That was performed on May 23rd 2018.
I'am happy that finally was performed. (Reviewed on 5/28/2018)
Thanksful Review by Giovanni
My dharma brother Wai Meng, sent the pictures of my sponsored puja. That was performed on May 23rd 2018.
I'am happy that finally was performed. (Reviewed on 5/28/2018)
Full of blessings Review by Raman
I had requested the puja for smooth travels and my move to another country with my family. Everything went smooth - I had expected it to be as I have great faith in DS and the Kechara puja team. Thank you for everything. (Reviewed on 4/16/2018)
Love shugdenReview by Thomas
Shugden gave me great help in hard moment (Reviewed on 10/11/2017)
Great Job and Well DoneReview by Ai Chin
I am very Grateful to the Puja Team for their efficiency and dedication.
The Puja was done within a few days and I feel great.
Many thanks to everyone involved in organising the Puja. (Reviewed on 9/17/2017)
Efficacious, strongly recommended!Review by Wee
I ordered this puja about two weeks back to pray for the amelioration of my inner demons, especially sexual addiction. Once the payment is made, even before the puja is actually conducted, I noticed a significant change in my mood and mind. My focus on Dharma has become stronger. I am no longer so obsessed with sensual thoughts. I can also feel my spirituality growing, turning more towards helping those around me. I strongly recommend this for the serious Dharma practitioner. Just order once and see the difference for yourself! (Reviewed on 12/25/2016)
InstantaneousReview by Mary
Instant effects. On same day puja was done, I felt immediate relief from tensions and stress. That too was without consciously knowing the puja was being done. Since that day, I also feel a strong protective shield around me. I no longer feel so afraid. (Reviewed on 2/23/2016)

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