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Animals have complex feelings and fears just like us. Kechara Forest Retreat — Malaysia’s largest Tibetan Buddhist temple — is also home to a variety of furry and feathered friends rescued over the years by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, whose passion and love for animals is legendary. From abandoned koi fish to unwanted cockatoos suffering in neglect, animals such as these have found a new lease of life and a caring home in this forest sanctuary.

By adopting one of our birds, fish or more, you'll be contributing to their material needs, healthcare and welfare for the entire year to come.
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“Just because animals cannot verbalise their feelings does not mean that they do not have them. They just find different ways of expressing themselves so we must be sensitive to this. Please always be kind to animals and teach your children the same. When we are kind to others who cannot do anything for us in return, that is true spirituality.” — Tsem Rinpoche

All rescued animals in Kechara Forest Retreat receive care and attention from a dedicated team looking after their physical and spiritual needs. Wherever the animals live are holy Buddha statues as well as speakers playing recordings of pujas and mantras that will plant powerful imprints in their minds for their future lives.

Help one (or more!) of our animals get the best care at Kechara Forest Retreat by becoming their sponsor. Your contribution will go towards the cost of food, supplements, medication, healthcare, upkeep of their habitat, toys and much more, for the entire year to come.

In appreciation, a Medicine Buddha Puja will be dedicated to the health and well-being of all sponsors.

Get to know our animals:

The Aviary

The Aviary at Kechara Forest Retreat is a giant 4,000 sq. ft. walk-in sanctuary which is home to over 50 birds including four Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, two African Grey Parrots and a flock consisting of Cockatiels, Budgies, and other smaller birds. The stars of the Aviary are the six big parrots:

  • Dechog

    Dechog, a young male cockatoo, was brought to the Aviary to become a companion for Drolkar, our first cockatoo. Their match was not one made in heaven but over time, the playful and inquisitive Dechog eventually won Drolkar’s heart.

    Dechog responds to gentle whistles and likes to be petted once he is familiar with you.

  • Boy

    Previously kept as a pet by a family in Kuala Lumpur, Boy was confined in a small cage that was exposed to direct sunlight. The hot and cramped living conditions were so unbearable that he kept screaming all-day for help. Out of compassion, Rinpoche offered to adopt Boy. Initially reluctant, Boy's owners eventually agreed after realising that Rinpoche was a strong advocate for animal welfare.

    These days, Boy (or Ah Boy to some) is a chatty, happy and affectionate bird. He loves basking in the spotlight and may even swoop down to sit on your shoulder and nibble your ear!

  • Aki

    Fondly known as “Old Man”, Aki was rescued by Rinpoche in mid-2012. Rinpoche would not abandon the slow and shy 45-year-old African Grey, who was isolated in a small cage to prevent other birds from bullying him.

    In the early days, Aki was so timid that he would not even come out of his cage, let alone fly around the Aviary. To coax him out, Rinpoche placed Aki’s food a slight distance away from his cage on a purpose-built platform. Slowly but surely, Aki began to assimilate with the other birds. Today, Aki has come a long way and is known to be quite the singer!

  • Jamyang

    In mid-2012, just a few months after Aki was rescued, Jamyang was found chained to a perch in a tiny, claustrophobic cage with no proper ventilation or sunlight. The lively African Grey was quickly rescued by Rinpoche and brought to the Aviary.

    Having recovered from his ordeal, Jamyang now loves interacting with people. Playful and sociable, he can “speak” English, Chinese and Nepali. If you're lucky, he may even say “Hello!” to you.

The Fish Pond

The Dream Manjushri Fish Pond is one of the aquatic sanctuaries in Kechara Forest Retreat. The crystal clear waters are home to over 100 fish of various sizes.

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Loving this ideaReview by jit ming yap
All sentient beings want happiness. I pray they find it here in kechara. (Reviewed on 7/14/2020)

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