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100,000 Vajrayogini Light Offering Retreat Fund

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Collect oceans of merits and create a strong connection with Tantric Buddha Vajrayogini with a powerfully blessed 100,000 light offering retreat. This preliminary practice is one of the prerequisites to receive Vajrayogini's potent initiation and creates the causes to ascend to her paradise.

This initiative by Tsem Ladrang allows modern busy people to fulfil their spiritual aspirations. You can also sponsor this retreat for your loved ones to help them collect merits for better future lives.

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Completion of the preliminary practices is one of the prerequisites that any aspiring Vajrayana Buddhist has to fulfil in order to enter the tantric path. And one of the best ways to receive the Maha Anuttarayoga Tantra practice of Vajrayogini is to make her the object of a 100,000 light offering retreat, one of the six preliminary practices. However, given our modern busy lifestyles, not many of us have the time or ability to complete or even begin this essential practice.

To assist you in fulfilling your spiritual goals, Tsem Ladrang is now offering all aspiring tantrikas the opportunity to engage in a traditional 100,000 light offering retreat to Vajrayogini, which will be performed on your behalf in Kechara Forest Retreat. In addition to the usual benefits of light offerings, retreatants will enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Create a strong affinity with Buddha Vajrayogini
  • Create the causes to ascend to her pure land, Kechara Paradise
  • Gain realisations on the Sutra path
  • Gain excellent results on the Tantra path
You can also sponsor this retreat for your loved ones to help them collect merits for better future lives.

The Benefits of Offering Light

  • Gives clarity and intelligence.
  • Gain correct understanding and view.
  • Obtain wisdom that discriminates between virtue and non-virtue.
  • One’s life will be stable and peaceful and all necessities will be sufficient.
  • Accumulation of great merits for sponsors and person the offering is dedicated to.
  • Four limbs will be free of defects while obtaining bright, beautiful and good eyes.
  • Body will be healthy, strong and filled with vitality.
  • One can take a good rebirth free from dark and gloomy places.
  • Increase in wealth and health.

About Vajrayogini

Vajrayogini is a representation of complete Buddhahood in female form, whose practices are associated with the Chakrasamvara Cycle of Anuttarayoga Tantra. Her practice is one of the most effective for people today because the commitments are significantly 'easier' compared to the other Higher Yoga Tantras. This is reflected in her simple form (one face, two arms and two legs) and relatively short daily practice - sadhana. Vajrayogini’s mantra is so effective that one can recite it without visualisation and still gain some attainments, and her blessings become more powerful as times degenerate.

Product Details

  • One light offering will be made daily on your behalf throughout your selected duration. To increase the number of lights offered daily, increase the product quantity to your desired daily amount.
  • The retreat cycle begins on the first of every month. Orders placed on or before the 25th of each month will be fulfilled during the upcoming retreat cycle. Orders placed after the 25th will be fulfilled one retreat cycle later.
  • If you plan to engage in the offering of lights as a preliminary practice or traditional Buddhist retreat, it is necessary to not break the retreat cycle until your desired target (traditionally 100,000) is achieved.
  • We will send you an email towards the end of your retreat duration with a summary of your total light offerings to date, and to remind you to renew your retreat if you wish. Please add support@vajrasecrets.com to your address book to prevent our email from going into your spam folder.

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* This is an offering item and no actual product will be shipped.


goodReview by andres grace
I am happy that I have this chance to offer (Reviewed on 12/13/2023)
goodReview by andres grace
I am happy that I have this chance to offer (Reviewed on 11/5/2023)
Light offerings for busy peopleReview by Jason March
If you want to make a connection with Vajrayogini, but don't have the time to do it yourself, this offering can be beneficial for you. (Reviewed on 11/2/2023)
GoodReview by andres grace
I am happy that I have this chance to offer (Reviewed on 10/14/2023)
what we sow, we reapReview by Divya
when we give light, Light is anchored in life (Reviewed on 9/23/2023)
goodReview by andres grace
I am happy that I can offer this (Reviewed on 9/6/2023)
goodReview by andres grace
I am happy that I have a chance to offer this light (Reviewed on 8/17/2023)
perfectReview by andres grace
its prefect (Reviewed on 3/7/2023)
I have been Blessed by VajrayoginiReview by Karen Lagarde
I learned about the Buddhist Deity Vajrayogini through Vajrasecrets.com while scrolling through their website. I did not receive any formal teachings about Vajrayogini except from the YouTube videos of HE Tsem Rinpoche that I came across from His youtube channel. Ever since I get to know a little about Vajrayogini, I knew that I do want to have a close affinity with Vajrayogini which is why I started to sponsor the Vajrayogini Light Offering Retreat fund. Since then, I have been blessed in so many ways. Too many good things have happened to me and my family and we are grateful beyond words. I am so appreciative to the staff and members of Kechara because, through them, I can continue to make my offerings. (Reviewed on 1/16/2023)
goodReview by ray
wonderful way to collect merits while having a busy lifestyle (Reviewed on 7/17/2022)
So quick!Review by Kali Arisi
I really want to connect to Vajrayogini, but feel so far away! I'm a brazilian who lives in London Uk and there's no such prayers nowhere near. My husband has been suffering so much for the loss of both his parents and my father who all died within 18 months. My husband is clinically depressed and kept this a secret from most people, but now he's really low. I dedicated the Light Offerings to him. I don't know how it happens but, in just 1 month,he's showing signs of improvement. I feel, myself much more patient with him as well, like this huge weight that we both have been carrying for 2 years of disease, death and pain.
From my heart I thank you Kechara, for having real faith and helping people from all over the globe, like myself, who barely heard of Malaysia before I came across Tsem Rinpoche's videos on youtube. I was a buddhist before but you guys inspire me to practice Dharma like never before. I hope to connect to Vajrayogini and be of service to all sentient beings soon. :D (Reviewed on 4/8/2022)
Good service with monthly reminder for the continuation for light offering and may everyone be blessed from this light offering. (Reviewed on 11/2/2021)
Great opportunity for offeringsReview by Bradley Wong Hur Shen
May I be blessed to clear my ignorance, gain sharpness of the mind.
(Reviewed on 10/13/2021)
Very Good Review by Lee Seng
Good services as given us notifications for continuation in offering . (Reviewed on 7/21/2021)
Very Good Review by Lee Seng
Good services as given us notifications for continuation in offering . (Reviewed on 7/21/2021)
DedicationReview by Bradley Wong Hur Shen
May I be blessed to understand and put into practice the topics of the lamrim. (Reviewed on 7/14/2021)
100,000 Vajrayogini light offering is amazingReview by Siu Yeung
Grateful to be blessed by Vajrayogini. (Reviewed on 6/3/2021)
Love this service!Review by Sharon Ong
I love how easy & simple it is for us to engage in this type of long term retreat! (Reviewed on 5/8/2021)
Great wisdom lightReview by jit ming yap
May the wisdom light pervade all direction and give strength to all beings at this difficult time. (Reviewed on 10/22/2020)
RejoiceReview by Bradley Wong Hur Shen
May I dedicate the merits towards gaining wisdom and eventually complete 100000. (Reviewed on 9/12/2020)
Ok I guess.Review by BL. TEOH
From checking in, to out, all is quick and hassle free. Very convenient. Good service as well. Just ask for assistance if you are uncertain to what you should get and help will be on your way. Only one thing, it will be good if we could be furnished with some pictures of the process. With it, we can feel as if we are being part of it. (Reviewed on 7/28/2020)
lovely light offeringReview by jit ming yap
May all free from bias, anger, attachment, and enjoy world peace and loving-kindness. (Reviewed on 6/20/2020)
Infinite Blessings Review by Marcel Serra
The easiest way to transform my every day work into full enlightenment by making daily offerings to the Holy Vajrayogini.
Thank you Rinpoche and the entire Kechara organization for your infinite blessings!
(Reviewed on 6/3/2020)
wisdom lightReview by jit ming yap
to guide all sentient beings (Reviewed on 5/21/2020)
love itReview by jit ming yap
may the wisdom light of vajrayogini illumiate the darkness of our minds. (Reviewed on 5/3/2020)
Found a way to return to dharma practiceReview by Nancy Kirk
I believe this helped me get back on the Buddhist path. I had a four year break from following regular dharma practice. However my mind was longing for the inner peace that consistent dharma practice gives you. I attended my local Buddhist centre a few weeks ago and it felt like “ coming home” again. Many thanks, I am grateful (Reviewed on 1/3/2020)
Pls grant wisdom to all who need it. Review by jit ming yap
I'm glad to provide light when there's so much darkness out there. May all benefit. (Reviewed on 12/6/2019)
GreatReview by jit ming yap
My experience towards buddhism has never ceased to inspire me. I pray all sentient beings get to know vajrayogini better. (Reviewed on 11/7/2019)
Great opportunity Review by Xochitl Lara Kraudy
This is a great opportunity to gather merits, to delight the venerable Vajrayoguini (Reviewed on 10/1/2019)
Nice gestureReview by jit ming yap
Hopefully one day I will be shown the enlightened way of vajrayogini by making a connection. (Reviewed on 9/16/2019)
peacefulReview by jit ming yap
I can only imagine that peacefulness in my mind. I hope I am able to connect with vajrayogini and continue to have this peace of mind. om om om sarva buddha dakiniye vajra varnaniye vajra vairochaniye hum hum hum phet phet phet soha. (Reviewed on 8/21/2019)
Priceless!Review by Sharon
Such a valuable service! Now everyone can engage in a meritorious retreat. This is highly recommended for those who aspire to get Varayogini's sacred practice and ascend to Kechara Paradise. Thank you! (Reviewed on 1/19/2019)
Review by Okky
(Reviewed on 1/11/2019)
So pleased this is available!Review by Elena
I'm so happy this is available for us to do online. I was recently able to sponsor a retreat for some loved ones, and the entire process was very quick, straightforward and simple. The next best thing to lighting the butterlamps myself :) may the retreat create the causes for ignorance to be dispelled like light dispels the darkness. (Reviewed on 12/15/2018)

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