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Yamantaka Puja Set

Calling upon the fierce compassionate energy of Yamantaka, this puja is one of the most powerful for the purification of extreme negative karma, the accumulation of merits related to wisdom, and for powerful protection against the most wrathful spirits, black magic and curses.

Available as a set of three tantric pujas comprising Yamantaka's sadhana, self-initiation and tsok.
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The wrathful emanation of Lord Manjushri, the supreme embodiment of Buddha’s wisdom, Yamantaka’s profound practice is one of the highest yoga tantras available in Buddhism. While self-practice is only available for those who are initiated, the Yamantaka puja set allows non-initiates to receive the benefits of his protection, to collect immense merits and to create a connection with this powerful tantric Buddha.

Yamantaka arises in the form of a blue black body with a bull-head, 8 other ferocious faces, 32 hands holding various sharp implements and 16 legs to carry the short and stout body. He is known as the ultimate destroyer of the Lord of Death and to behold him is to behold his ferocious compassion.

His practice and puja offers a profound and quick method of purifying our heavy negative karma, and towards achieving attainments and ultimately enlightenment in a single lifetime. He also grants powerful protection against the most wrathful spirits, black magic and curses.

Available as a set of three tantric pujas comprising Yamantaka's sadhana, self-initiation and tsok.


  • Powerful protection from all spirits, black magic and curses

  • Tremendous purification of negative karma and past negative actions

  • Accumulation of merits for one's attainments and mind transformation

  • Creates a connection with one of the highest tantric Buddhas

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profoundReview by michael
this was simply profound. really beyond words how life changing it is. i definitely felt the new connection that was made. so much peace and tranquility now. very many of my anxieties are gone. this was truly a blessing to have found. my question to you is what are you waiting for? is your life really that good that you don't need the help and blessings? money is tight for me too but somehow i know that only helped increase the blessings somehow from purchasing this. i am so glad i purchased this and i do not worry a single bit about the money i spent on this puja. i would do it again if it were appropriate and even gladly pay even more after having gone through it. i highly recommend this along with many of the other pujas offered. many thanks to the vajrasecrets team and all those involved with these pujas and this site. it is such a rare blessing for people in the U.S.A. to have access to such pure blessings. (Reviewed on 5/23/2018)
a most precious and rare opportunity to get in contact with Lord YamantakaReview by Christine
It is such a rare opportunity to be offered such a gift to get closer to Lord Yamantaka. This is a very powerful and precious treasure in this world for the sake of all beings. (Reviewed on 9/4/2015)

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