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Ullambana Family Bundle Fund

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#DoMore to honour your dearly departed, gain protection and merits, and make peace with your karmic debtors, just as Buddha taught in the Ullambana Sutra. Save on Ullambana offerings with the Family Bundle Fund and enjoy these benefits and much more!
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The Ullambana Festival celebrates Buddha Shakyamuni's advice to his close disciple Mahamaudgalyayana in the Ullambana Sutra, which includes the following instructions:

"On the 15th day of the 7th month, offerings of fruits and other food, along with the burning of incense and candles are to be made with mantras and prayers at an altar. Only then will the ancestors who have passed into lower realms be released from their suffering."

Furthermore, the Buddha taught that those who follow these instructions will:

“... enable their present parents, their parents of the past seven generations, and their six close relatives to be delivered from the suffering of the three lower realms. If their parents are still alive, they will enjoy the blissful lifespan of one hundred years. If their parents are deceased, their parents of the past seven generations will be born in heaven. They will freely transform themselves to be born in the light of heavenly flowers and receive infinite pleasure.”

Thus, it is no surprise that the word “Ullambana” can be translated as “deliverance from suffering.”

This popular Buddhist tale on the importance of filial piety later became known in China as ‘Mulian Saves His Mother From Hell.’ In the centuries after it was introduced, the tale was absorbed by Chinese folk religion and eventually became the Hungry Ghost Festival we know today — an occasion for showing reverence to one’s ancestors and to placate the spirits of the deceased.

This year, on August 27th, Kechara will be celebrating the Ullambana Festival at Kechara Forest Retreat with a day of auspicious rituals and meritorious offerings including Giant 8-Feet Incense Sticks, Dedication Tablets and offerings of food and candles.

Save on Ullambana offerings with the Family Bundle Fund and #DoMore to honour your dearly departed, make peace with your karmic debtors, gain protection and accumulate merits for your entire family!

Product Details

  • The Ullambana Family Bundle includes:
    • Giant 8-ft Incense Stick x 1
    • Dedication Tablets x 3
    • Food Offerings x 4
    • Candle Offerings x 4
  • Giant incense sticks, candles and food will be offered from 10am (GMT+8) onwards, 27th August 2017
  • Dedication tablets will be inscribed with the dedications of your choice and placed on the main altar in Wisdom Hall, Kechara Forest for the entire 7th lunar month
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