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Traditional Cloth Wrap

Protect your sacred Dharma books, prayer texts, mandalas and other ritual items with a traditional Tibetan cloth wrap (peri). Handmade from saffron-coloured cloth with a traditional brocade panel at one corner and a long fastening tie.
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Traditional Tibetan scriptures are loose-leaf books also known as dpe cha, which are usually wrapped in cloth for protection and to prevent the loose pages from coming apart and getting lost. While many of these texts are now available in modern book formats, practitioners are still encouraged to keep their Dharma books wrapped in cloth or brocade for protection and as a sign of deep respect for the Three Jewels.

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, venerated and blessed objects are also respectfully covered and protected from damage using cloth and brocade wraps.

This Traditional Cloth Wrap (peri) is handmade from saffron-coloured cloth with a traditional brocade panel at one corner and a long fastening tie. It can be used for wrapping and storing Buddhist scriptures, Dharma books, prayer texts, mandala offering sets, ritual items and other blessed objects.

Directions For Use

  1. Place the cloth wrap diagonally on a flat surface with the brocade panel facing down, away from you (at the 12 o'clock position).

  2. Place the item to be wrapped at the corner closest to you.

  3. Starting from the corner closest to you, wrap the cloth around the object until approximately half the cloth has been used. Ensure that the item is snugly wrapped and the cloth is as smooth and neat as possible.

  4. Take the left corner and fold it tightly to the right, tucking the folds in as neatly as possible.

  5. Then take the right corner and fold it tightly to the left, tucking the folds in as neatly as possible.

  6. Continue wrapping the item towards the end of the cloth.

  7. Wind the long fastening tie around the object and tuck in or knot the end to secure.

  8. Once wrapped, the item can be respectfully placed in a bag if it needs to be transported from one location to another, or on the altar as an object of veneration.

  9. If you are using this Traditional Cloth Wrap for a mandala offering set, place the cloth in your lap and the string around your neck from left to right when making mandala offerings. The mandala set and offering substances are then placed on the cloth in your lap. When not in use, wrap the mandala set and all offering substances neatly and stow away respectfully in a clean place.

Product Details

  • Material: Cotton-polyester blend
  • Height: 750 mm (30-in)
  • Width: 735 mm (29-in)
  • Weight : 0.07 kg (0.2 lb)
* Each item is handmade and may vary slightly from the image shown.


Lovely!Review by Sharon Ong
This is such a pretty wrapping cloth befitting of wrapping precious Dharma texts and other ritual items. The fabric is durable and its size makes it versatile enough to wrap many different Dharma items. I highly recommended it! (Reviewed on 8/22/2022)

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