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Remembrance Package Fund

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A limited-time offering package in conjunction with the Qing Ming Festival. Dedicate vast merits to your dearly departed to create the conditions for their swift and fortunate rebirth. Or, dedicate to the living to remove obstacles and help illuminate their spiritual path in this and future lives.

Only for a LIMITED DURATION, this Remembrance Package Fund is available until 25 March 2019, 11.59pm (GMT +8).
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Qing Ming, which means 'clear and bright', is one of the most important celebrations for the Chinese as their culture places a strong emphasis on filial piety. During Qing Ming or Tomb Sweeping Day, it is customary for the living to clean the graves of their dearly departed and offer food, flowers and joss paper paraphernalia as it is believed these will provide a more comfortable afterlife.

Today, with cremations becoming more popular than burials, the custom has been simplified to suit modern lifestyles, and only flowers are presented to the deceased. Yet, although gone are the days of tomb sweeping during Qing Ming, respect continues to be expressed through good prayers for the dearly departed.

For Buddhists however, death is not the end but the beginning of a new journey. Thus, the living can help the deceased gain a better rebirth through dedications of merits, which are generated through virtuous deeds such as making offerings of candles, pujas and prayers to the Three Jewels.

In conjunction with this year's Qing Ming Remembrance Puja at Kechara, honour and repay the kindness of your loved ones with our limited-time Remembrance Package Fund consisting of:
  • 3 x Qing Ming Tablets (offered during the Qing Ming Remembrance Puja)
  • 1 x Slice of Heaven
  • 1 x Blessed Buddha Snow Globe (available for self pickup** from either Kechara House in SunwayMas, Petaling Jaya or Wisdom Hall in Kechara Forest Retreat, Bentong)
Your name and personal dedication will be included with these offerings.

This Qing Ming offering package can also be:
  • Dedicated to loved ones who are still with us, to remove obstacles and help illuminate their spiritual path in this and future lives.
  • Dedicated to stillborn children for an auspicious rebirth by parents who have had unfortunate miscarriages or stillbirths.
  • Dedicated to repay karmic debtors, who may create mischief if not pacified.
This limited duration offering package is available until 25 March 2019, 11.59pm (GMT +8).

* This is an offering item and no actual product will be shipped.
** Please present your proof of purchase upon collection (printed or softcopy of the invoice or order confirmation)

About the Gyenze Chapel

The Gyenze Chapel is home to a 5-foot image of Gyenze, the increase form of Dorje Shugden, who bestows abundance, merits, long life and conducive conditions for material and spiritual growth.

Located at the main entrance of Kechara Forest Retreat, the Gyenze Chapel is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for visitors to offer devotions at their own convenience. Fully stocked with a selection of offering items including candles, incense and wish fulfilling tablets, free distribution educational and prayer materials including pendants, DVDs, books, brochures and framed images are also available here.

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