Tsel Lha Nam Sum (Long Life Buddhas) Thangka Print

Tsel Lha Nam Sum (Long Life Buddhas) Thangka Print

SKU: 81002243

Tsel Lha Nam Sum (Long Life Buddhas) Thangka Print

SKU: 81002243
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A high-quality thangka print of the three Buddhas of long life - Amitayus, Namgyalma and White Tara - revered for their ability to grant longevity, healing, and purification of negative karma. They are individually and collectively revered for their ability to grant longevity and extend life even in the most unlikely situations.

The bottom portion of the thangka features a long life prayer and dedication composed by the 10th Panchen Lama.

  • Available in a choice of materials and sizes.
  • As each print is made-to-order, this item will be shipped within 7-10 working days from the date of purchase.
  • The finished item may vary slightly from the listed sizes as the height and width are based on the size of the original art piece.

This thangka can be enhanced with a traditional brocade frame to increase merits and blessings. We offer thangka sewing services with a choice of fabrics in various materials and colours to suit your style and budget.

About Amitayus

Amitayus, the Buddha of Infinite Life, is revered for his ability to grant longevity, healing, and purification of negative karma. He is one of the three long-life Buddhas, the other two being White Tara and Namgyalma.

Outwardly, his practice blesses us with an abundance of worldly necessities: good health, helpful friends, good family and good living conditions. Inwardly, we attain a greater understanding of Dharma, deepen our practice of morality, and develop more positive states of mind. And Secretly, we reduce the habituations of our self-cherishing, grasping mind. In this manner, Amitayus helps us to dispel the darkness of ignorance and to attain wisdom and compassion.

He is especially popular amongst Buddhist practitioners for the tremendous benefits his practice brings, the immediate result being feelings of peace and joy. It is also a very significant and auspicious practice for Dharma students to offer Amitayus to their Lamas, as a request for them to live long and to continue to spread Buddha's teachings.

Amitayus is synonymous with Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light. In the Sutras, Buddha Shakyamuni, at the request of Manjushri explained that prior to achieving enlightenment, Amitabha or Amitayus made 12 great vows to benefit and help sentient beings. Thus, Amitayus functions as the Buddha of Increase, not just for long life but also for all things beneficial to our lives.

He is red in colour and sits in meditative equipoise on a lotus seat. He holds a long-life vase filled with amrita — the nectar of immortality or the elixir of eternal life — and the leaves of the Ashoka tree. He resides in the heavenly abode of Sukhavati, also known as the Western Pure Land. Adored throughout eastern Asia, devotees of Amitabha, Amitayus or Amida (as he is known in Japan) pray to be reborn from a lotus in his Pure Land.

About Namgyalma

The female Buddha Namgyalma, also known as Ushnisha Vijaya, is one of the three long-life Buddhas, the other two being Amitayus and White Tara. She grants longevity and healing on those who seek her blessings, so that we have more time to engage in spiritual practice, benefit others and move closer to our ultimate goal of enlightenment.

Her practice is extremely effective for extending lifespan and overcoming obstacles to long life. She also purifies the negative karma of the body, averts diseases and life-threatening situations, and helps us avoid a rebirth in the three lower realms.

Namgyalma came into being when Buddha Shakyamuni manifested in her form to help the deva named Susthita avoid a negative rebirth. White in colour, she has three faces, white, yellow and blue. Her faces have peaceful, semi-wrathful and wrathful expressions. Sitting in the meditative position on a lotus, she has eight arms, each holding different implements.

About White Tara

White Tara is the healing female Buddha who grants long life and averts life-threatening situations. Often praised as the Mother of All Buddhas, she is especially beneficial for those who are older or who need healing. Supremely peaceful and meditative, she also helps quell anger, hatred and jealousy, and reduces miserliness, desire and attachment.

The white colour of her body represents purity, wisdom and truth. She sits in the meditative posture and has eyes of watchful compassion on her forehead, the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. Her right hand is in the mudra (gesture) of unconditional giving while her left hand holds a blue utpala flower.

Poster Canvas Print

  • Material: Inkjet print on canvas
  • Print size: 864 mm x 681 mm (34-in x 26.8-in)
  • Wrapping allowance: 76 mm (3-in)
  • Weight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lb)

A3 Canvas Print

  • Material: Inkjet print on canvas
  • Print size: 406 mm x 321 mm (16-in x 12.6-in)
  • Wrapping allowance: 51 mm (2-in)
  • Weight: 0.4 kg (0.8 lb)

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