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Namtose Puja

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Drawing upon the immense positive wealth energies of Namtose, an enlightened wealth protector and one of the Four Heavenly Kings, this puja can help improve one’s financial situation and grants strong protection against harmful interference and negative energies.

Available in Small and Medium puja sizes.
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Namtose (in Tibetan), also known as Vaisravana in Sanskrit and Bishamonten in Japanese, is a Buddha of Wealth and one of the Four Heavenly Kings (the Guardian of the Northern direction). Namtose has two main aspects: that of a warrior protector and that of a deity of wealth.

Although fully enlightened, Namtose chose to manifest as a Bodhisattva with the aim of helping others overcome poverty and misery. He has promised Buddha Shakyamuni to preserve and protect the teachings of the Buddha and guide all its practitioners in future aeons.

He has one face, and two arms and rides upon a snow lion. His face has a stern expression with bushy eyebrows and a beard, and his eyes are wide and round. His body a rich golden yellow in color. His right hand holds a victory banner, while his left holds a mongoose, commonly associated with good fortune in ancient India. The mongoose spits jewels symbolizing his capacity as a wealth deity.

Namtose is one of the primary protectors of the Gelugpa Sect and one of his specific functions is to protect the Middle Scope of the Lamrim. In his capacity as one of the Four Directional Guardians, Namtose is often depicted on the outer walls of monasteries and temples, to safeguard against harmful interferences.

His puja can help improve one’s financial situation, as well as bringing us inner wealth, and creates the causes for us to be free from both poverty and mental suffering.

Available in Small and Medium puja sizes, depending on the scale of the problem.


  • Outer material wealth and resolves financial difficulties

  • Inner wealth such as peace, health and wisdom

  • Protection from harmful interferences

More Information

*Puja costs are determined by the type and size of the pujas, the extent of offerings required, token monetary offerings for the puja practitioners, and to cover the running costs of the monastery/temple.
  • Small: Performed by 4 puja practitioners with required puja offerings.
  • Large: Performed by 8 puja practitioners with additional puja offerings.
  • Normal: Completed within 14 days after confirmation of payment or from date of receipt of all necessary information, whichever is later.
  • Express: Completed within 3 days after confirmation of payment or from date of receipt of all necessary information, whichever is later.
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BlessedReview by Marie Loh
Very blessed and can see great results (Reviewed on 5/15/2022)

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