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Naga Puja

The Naga puja is mainly performed to appease nagas that one may have been offended, or to please nagas that are active in areas where one wishes to live, work or conduct business, particularly for construction and development projects. Combining the traditional offerings of incense and ritual cake (torma) offerings to nagas, this puja is also performed to increase harmony, peace and prosperity of certain places where nagas reside.
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The Naga puja is mainly performed to appease nagas that one may have been offended, or to please nagas that are active in areas where one wishes to live, work or conduct business.

One of the eight classes of spirits, nagas are serpent-like in form and live primarily in water bodies and to a lesser extent are associated with earth and trees. They are powerful beings whose abilities include controlling the weather, bringing good fortune and wealth, and enhancing fertility and positivity. Conversely, nagas can also inflict disease, obstacles and natural disasters when displeased.

It is wise to conduct naga pujas and make the traditional offerings of incense and ritual cakes to nagas prior to disturbing the earth for any reason, particularly for construction and development projects. Nagas are very sensitive towards humanity's carelessness, improper conduct in nature and disrespectful actions in relation to the environment. Disturbed nagas will frequently retaliate with skin diseases and natural calamities unless the appropriate pujas are done beforehand.

The sponsor of the puja should also observe strict vegetarianism one day before and on the day of the puja to cleanse themselves as nagas detest meat and alcohol. If the puja is done correctly, it is said that one's present wealth, fame, health, merits will improve, good weather, resources, peace and prosperity will abound, obstacles and sickness will be eliminated, and one's practices will be accomplished.

Available in Small and Medium puja sizes, depending on the scale of the problem.


  • Illnesses and obstacles caused by nagas can be abated

  • Wealth, fortune and prosperity

  • Peace, happiness and harmony

More Information

* Puja costs are determined by the type and size of the pujas, the extent of offerings required, token monetary offerings for the puja practitioners, and to cover the running costs of the Puja House. To learn more about our pujas, please contact us.

*Pujas will be completed within 14 days after confirmation of payment or from date of receipt of all necessary information, whichever is later.


Skin ailment alleviatedReview by Lester Lim
My son has been suffering from Eczema disease for years. The affliction was unresolved even with multiple treatments from doctors and alternative prescriptions. At the end of last year, after heard from some friends that Naga puja could help with alleviating skin diseases, I decided to give the online VS Naga puja package a try. Lo and behold, the ailment reduced drastically in about half a month's time! I will like to thank the VS staff, especially Wai Meng, for helping me with the order! Best of luck to all who need assistance with this sickness! (Reviewed on 1/4/2015)

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