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Manjushri Prayer Card

The Manjushri Prayer Card features a short but powerful prayer in Tibetan and English and a sacred image of this Buddha of Wisdom. Keep this by your side as a convenient reference to reap Manjushri's blessings of the seven types of wisdom. Understanding, improved memory, better communication skills, and the development of your mind are just a step away.

Available in a set of 3 prayer cards.
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Wisdom Buddha Manjushri is widely revered as his practice bestows the seven types of wisdom, good memory, clarity of mind and creativity. His short and easy prayer, Gangloma, has proven to be very powerful and effective for students, those engaging in academic and scholarly pursuits, and the creative industry.

The Manjushri Prayer Card contains Manjushri's Gangloma prayer in Tibetan and English, Manjushri's short mantra and a special dedication verse to seal the merits gained from completing this simple yet powerful practice. The vintage-style Manjushri image can also be used as a visualisation aid when reciting these wisdom prayers, as visualisations are key to reaping maximum benefits from prayer.

These prayers can be recited without initiation, and with this convenient prayer card, one can do this practice anywhere, anytime.

Available in a set of 3 prayer cards.

* While stocks last.

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  • Height: 150mm (5.9-inch)
  • Length: 105mm (4.1-inch)
  • Weight: 1g (0.002 lb)


Love This Prayer Card!Review by Sharon Ong
The vintage-style Manjushri in front of the card was the first thing that caught my eye as it is an uncommon interpretation of the Wisdom Buddha. I like this prayer card very much as the size of this card is perfect for my sadhana book, The Diamond Path. The simple instructions and dedications right at the back of this card were most helpful when I first started doing Gangloma.

As I read that Gangloma is very effective and excellent for studies, I have gotten one for my son and kept it in the car for him to do a quick prayer on the way to school. (Reviewed on 6/29/2016)

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