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Maitreya Copper Statue, 4 inches

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An exquisitely hand-carved copper statue of Buddha Maitreya, who will appear in the future when all is dark to teach the Dharma again. Keeping his image accumulates the merits to reincarnate at the feet of Maitreya Buddha and receive teachings directly from him in the future.

Get a complimentary set of Herbal Rilbus for every statue you invite.
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A 4-inch oxidised-finish copper statue of Maitreya, who will appear in the fifth aeon when the Dharma is completely lost to teach the Sutras and lead countless beings out of suffering. Exquisitely hand-carved by master craftsmen with full iconographic detail according to traditional scriptural sources, this is an auspicious addition to a small shrine at home, in the workplace, or as part of a portable travel altar.

Buddha Maitreya is seated upright in full readiness to arrive and teach us, and his form resembles ours showing that he will manifest in that way to help us out of suffering. His hands, held in the mudra of teaching, represent the defining act in which he will manifest – to teach and turn the wheel of Dharma.

His name means “loving kindness” and Maitreya is the embodiment of all-encompassing love in Vajrayana Buddhism. When he appears, his teachings will follow a Sutra path, concentrating on the practice of the six paramitas in extensive form.

Maitreya's image serves as a reminder to develop the qualities of loving-kindness and to accumulate the merits to reincarnate at his feet and receive teachings directly from him. His practice helps us to attain pure view, immense love and the same virtuous qualities as our gurus.

This Maitreya statue can be personalised with a hand-painted face using real gold dust or insertion of mantras and holy items. One can also offer traditional brocade clothing, pearls and semi-precious stones, as H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche always encourages the practice of making offerings to the Three Jewels, which creates the causes for us to attain the six paramitas (perfections).

Get a complimentary set of Herbal Rilbus for every statue you invite.
* While stocks last.

Product Details

  • Height: 96mm (3.8-inch)
  • Width: 70mm (2.8-inch)
  • Depth: 52mm (2-inch)
  • Weight: 0.26kg (0.57 lb)
* Prices listed exclude personalisation services (e.g. face painting, body painting, mantra insertion, traditional clothing, etc). Product images are for display purposes only.


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