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Lama Tsongkhapa Thangka

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An original hand-painted thangka of Lama Tsongkhapa, the emanation of the Buddhas of wisdom, compassion and skilful means. His image attracts the positive energies of wealth, protection and harmony, while healing depression, fear, anger and destructive emotions. Features intricate details painted in real gold by master Himalayan artists.
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An original thangka of Lama Tsongkhapa, meticulously hand-painted with intricate gold detail by master Himalayan artists.

Lama Tsongkhapa is the emanation of the Buddhas of wisdom (Manjushri), compassion (Chenrezig) and skilful means (Vajrapani), and is revered as the single greatest Tibetan commentator, scholar and yogi in the history of Buddhism. Hailed as the "Second Buddha", he was a great enlightened being who founded the Gelug tradition.

Lama Tsongkhapa grants wealth, business and career success to the practical minded. He thus allows us to look deeper into spirituality with minds freer off mundane matters. Having an image of Lama Tsongkhapa harmonizes our energy and stabilizes our wealth and happiness. Essentials of food, money, shelter and clothing will cease to be a problem.

Practitioners of Lama Tsongkhapa's Guru Yoga meditation (Gaden Lhagyama) experience great benefits including the healing of depression and sickness, protection from negative energies, enhancement of intelligence, clarity of mind, deep joy and peace.

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  • Dimensions: 27.8cm (H) x 21.4cm (W)
  • Weight: 44g

*Does not include traditional brocade frame.


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