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Blessed Green Tara Turquoise Pendant (Junior)

The blessed Green Tara turquoise pendant marries the protective, uplifting properties of turquoise with the swiftness and compassion of Buddha Green Tara. Made with pressed turquoise powder and set in solid 925 silver, this pendant has been blessed by the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden in trance.
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Crafted by skilled Himalayan artisans, this Green Tara pendant is made with pressed turquoise powder, and set in solid 925 silver, marrying the protective, uplifting properties of turquoise and the swiftness and compassion of Buddha Green Tara. Blessed by the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden via the Venerable 7th Panglung Oracle in Kechara Forest Retreat, this pendant is imbued with the Dharma Protector’s energies and presence.

Green Tara is the main form of Tara, who made a vow to always return as a female Bodhisattva. She exudes an aura of emerald green, radiant with the attainment of the Six Perfections of giving, ethics, patience, effort, meditative stabilisation and wisdom, and bright with her ever-compassionate care for all sentient beings. Renowned for her swiftness to come in aid of those who sincerely invoke her in prayers, this Female Buddha is a firm favourite among Tibetan Buddhists.

Green Tara leans towards us in her great compassion to listen to our prayers, grant us our virtuous wishes and protect us as a mother would for her child. She sits with her right leg extending outwards, to show us that she is ready to spring forth to swiftly help us in our time of need. Her ability to come to our assistance as we invoke her presence is instant. We need only think of her to have her compassionate heart with us.

Our blessed pendants are highly sought after as they are imbued with the Dharma Protector’s energies, blessings and presence. Such blessed items unlock our karmic potentials and opens the seeds of Enlightenment in our mindstreams, enabling us to realise the full benefit of our practices and achieve attainments swiftly.

Blessed pendants can be worn for a continuous supply of positive energy and protection from harm and spirit disturbances. It can be placed on the head of an individual disturbed by negative energies for blessings and protection. This blessed pendant can also be placed on the head of a dying person/animal to help the person/animal pass on peacefully.

Turquoise is one of the oldest symbols of protection and healing. Especially useful for clearing the Throat Chakra, and blockages of suppressed self-expression, it is worn by both men and women alike. Tibetan Turquoise is traditionally received as a gift to pass on its natural fortune-bringing powers, so if you buy this pendant for your own use, make it a gift to yourself!

Product Details

  • Height: 25mm (1.0-inch)
  • Width: 20mm (0.8-inch)
  • Depth: 8mm (0.3-inch)
  • Weight: 5g (0.01 lb)
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Very nice workReview by Alberto
Very nice work (Reviewed on 8/17/2018)

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