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Green Tara Sterling Silver Pendant

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Handcrafted by master Himalayan silversmiths, this sterling silver Green Tara pendant is highly recommended for anyone who loves all things simple and rustic. Ever ready to spring to our aid, she is beloved for her ability to swiftly overcome problems and dangers even in the most difficult situations, and enables us to traverse life's paths fearlessly with her at our side.

  • 925 sterling silver
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Bring Green Tara's compassionate energy and blessings everywhere you go with this sterling silver pendant handcrafted by master Himalayan silversmiths. Highly recommended for anyone who loves all things simple and rustic, and can be paired with a silver chain, leather cord or even a blessed Protector String for additional protection.

Green Tara is the main form of Tara, who made a vow to always return as a female Bodhisattva. She exudes an aura of emerald green, radiant with the attainment of the Six Perfections of giving, ethics, patience, effort, meditative stabilisation and wisdom, and bright with her ever-compassionate care for all sentient beings. Renowned for her swiftness to come in aid of those who sincerely invoke her in prayers, this Female Buddha is a firm favourite among Tibetan Buddhists.

Green Tara leans towards us in her great compassion to listen to our prayers, grant us our virtuous wishes and protect us as a mother would for her child. She sits with her right leg extending outwards, to show us that she is ready to spring forth to swiftly help us in our time of need. Her ability to come to our assistance as we invoke her presence is instant. We need only think of her to have her compassionate heart with us.

Product Details

  • Height: 25mm (0.9-inch)
  • Width: 26mm (1.0-inch)
  • Depth: 6mm (0.2-inch)
  • Weight: 1g (0.002 lb)
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