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Damaru (Medium)

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A medium-sized handcrafted damaru which represents the accomplishment of great bliss. This key ritual instrument symbolises the spiritual aspiration to delve deeper into Buddhist practice and is suitable for those engaging in higher meditative practices.

Complete with silken brocade tail and brocade protective case.
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This medium-sized damaru (double-sided hand-held drum) is handcrafted from authentic hardwood and finished with a silken brocade tail. One of the key ritual implements within the tantric practices of Tibetan Buddhism, it represents the accomplishment of great bliss and is played with the right hand, proclaiming the sound of emptiness.

The two sides of the damaru represent method and wisdom; the combination of both is the key to our enlightenment. The long tail-like ornament is the pendant (chopen) which represents the victory banner symbolic of proclaiming triumph in vanquishing our inner maras.

The chopen adorning this damaru is made from five-coloured silken brocades, representing the five Buddha families - Vairochana (white), Amoghasiddhi (green), Amitabha (red), Ratnasambhava (yellow) and Akshobhya (blue).

Those who have not received tantric initiations can offer a damaru on the altar to create the causes to receive tantric teachings in the future. Store respectfully in a clean and nice place when not in use. Includes a traditional brocade protective case.

Product Details:

  • Length: 550mm (21.7 inches)
  • Diameter: 100mm (3.9 inches)
  • Width: 70mm (2.8 inches)
  • Weight: 269g (0.59 lb)


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