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Calm in Chaos: A Personal Perspective to Managing Conflict

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Calm in Chaos allows readers from all walks of life to better understand the concept of conflict and how it arises. In this book, Phng Li Kim draws upon her real-life experiences to provide better solutions and more amicable ways to help readers resolve their conflicts and, ultimately, to find calm amidst all the bustling chaos.

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Author: Phng Li Kim
Format: Paperback or EPUB
ISBN: 978 967 5365 89 8
Extent: 148pp
Publication date: March 2018

About the Book

We encounter conflicts every day and in every aspect of our lives. It’s inescapable. But let’s face it, the world will be a much better place when there are fewer conflicts. So how do we manage, deal and overcome our conflicts better? In other words, how do we find our calm amidst all the bustling chaos? This is what Li Kim aims to reveal with her debut book – Calm in Chaos.

With everyone going through some form of conflict in their life, Calm in Chaos will allow readers, from all walks of life, to better understand the concept of conflict and where it stems from. Li Kim uses her real-life experiences as examples and explains how she worked to overcome them. With this book, Li Kim hopes to benefit readers by providing them with better solutions and more amicable ways to resolve their conflicts.

About Phng Li Kim

If you’ve met Phng Li Kim, you’ll know that the one word that best describes her is ‘Vivacious’. Always one to try out something new, Li Kim has never let age become a barrier to achieving what she wants in life. Over the years, this go-getter attitude has served her well and now she wears a multitude of hats – an accomplished businesswoman, international publisher and TV host, but perhaps the most fulfilling hat she wears is that of a mother to her three teenage sons.

Bold and unafraid to speak her mind, Li Kim is often mistaken for being brash, which is one of the many conflicts she faces in the many roles she undertakes on a daily basis. But in every situations, she holds her head high, and carries on with a smile on her face and compassion in her heart.

Drawing inspiration from the many hardships she went through in overcoming her conflicts, Li Kim set about writing this book in the hopes that it will help others in managing the conflicts that plague them – just as she did with hers. Calm in Chaos is Li Kim’s first foray into writing.

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