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Blessed Tiger Eye Buddha Bracelet

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Inspired by The Awakened One’s path to Enlightenment, this stunning mala bracelet features yellow Tiger Eye beads and twin antique pewter Buddha heads. Blessed by the Dharma Protector of Kechara during trance in the monastery, this stylish piece bestows protection from harm and negative energies.
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All sentient beings experience dissatisfaction and unhappiness on a daily basis. This is caused by the unenlightened state of mind that is ruled by attachments and delusions. However, such afflictions can be healed with the correct antidote. This antidote was discovered by a prince who forsook a life of luxury and comfort to discover the path to ultimate bliss. This timeless antidote is now known as the Buddhadharma and is widely practised by those who seek true happiness and the meaning of existence.

Inspired by The Awakened One’s attainment of Enlightenment and the spiritual path he pioneered, this stunning mala bracelet is handmade from natural yellow Tiger Eye beads. Featuring twin antique pewter Buddha head charms, it has been blessed by the Dharma Protector of Kechara during trance in the monastery. As trances are very rare even in the monasteries, so are items blessed by the Protector.

Each bead has been carefully selected for its significance and symbology.

  • Tiger Eye is a stone of protection that is very grounding and stabilising. It boosts self-confidence, courage and the ability to fight negative energies. Feng shui practitioners consider it a stone of abundance, luck and prosperity while meditators use it to enhance focus, concentration and insight. As a stone of healing, it is associated with the solar plexus chakra and can assist with high blood pressure and asthma. It is said to be especially protective when travelling.

  • Buddha Heads serve as a reminder of our ultimate goal – Buddhahood, and how we too should emulate Prince Siddhartha’s qualities as he persevered in his quest for Enlightenment.

Our blessed mala bracelets are a convenient way to ensure you never leave home without your mala and allows you do to your daily practices anywhere, anytime. They are highly sought after as they are imbued with the Dharma Protector’s energies, blessings and presence. As such, when one uses a blessed mala bracelet, it unlocks our karmic potentials and opens the seeds of Enlightenment in our mindstreams, enabling us to realise the full benefit of our practices and achieve attainments swiftly.

Blessed mala bracelets can be worn around the wrist for a continuous supply of positive energy and protection from harm and spirit disturbances. It can be placed on the head of an individual disturbed by negative energies for blessings and protection. This blessed mala bracelet can also be placed on the head of a dying person to help the person pass on peacefully.

Product Details

  • Length: Approximately 190mm (7.5-inch)
  • Average bead diameter: 8mm (0.3-inch)
  • Weight: 23g (0.05 lb)

Extra Large
  • Length: Approximately 200mm (7.9-inch)
  • Average bead diameter: 8mm (0.3-inch)
  • Weight: 26g (0.06 lb)

* We use jewellery-grade, high-quality, strong stretch elastic. To preserve the life of your elastic, we recommend rolling these bracelets on and off, rather than stretching them. This ensures you get many more years of wear and enjoyment from your handmade bracelet.

* To preserve the beauty and life span of your jewellery, please read these care tips.


Beautiful bracelet Review by Alexis Chavez
I ordered the tiger eye bracelet as it is my favorite stone. The bracelet is even more beautiful in person. I am so pleased with the quality snd the craftsmanship of the bracelet and the fact that it was blessed makes it that much more special. I am so happy with my purchase! (Reviewed on 2/23/2021)
Very nice bracelet Review by Ing Jen
Wonderful positive energies (Reviewed on 4/4/2018)
Life Long Blessing With CompassionReview by Kin Hoe
Through the great effort of VajraSecrets, everyone can be blessed and protected from the blessed holy items fill with enlightened energies, that are made readily for invite in 24/7. (Reviewed on 2/2/2018)

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