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Blessed Sandalwood Incense Powder

The distinctive fragrance of sandalwood has long been sought after for its meditative, purifying and healing qualities. Blessed through Buddhist ritual and prayer, the rich and warm scent of this blessed sandalwood incense powder is the perfect complement for your meditation, yoga or prayer session.
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Since prehistory, aromatic sandalwood is one of the preferred ingredients within the religious and spiritual traditions of India. Prized for its lasting fragrance that improves with age, the scent of sandalwood is often described as sweet, warm, rich and woody.

Our blessed sandalwood incense powder is highly sought after for its meditative and purifying qualities. It can be burned to purify negative energies and uplift any room. The aromatic scent is said to promote awareness and transformation of desire, and has known anti-depressant properties.

Sandalwood is also known for its calming, balancing and healing properties and has been used since ancient times in traditional Ayurvedic and herbal medicine.

In Buddhism, sandalwood is considered to be of the padma (lotus) group and is associated with Amitabha Buddha. Blessed through Buddhist ritual and prayer, this blessed sandalwood incense powder is the perfect complement for your meditation, yoga or prayer session.

Directions for Use

  • Burn on hot coals or in a electric incense burner
  • Sprinkle a small amount on burning incense sticks
  • Use in traditional Ayurvedic treatment according to the advice of a qualified therapist
  • Insert into Buddha statues

Product Details

  • Weight: Approximately 100g (0.22 lb)

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Relaxing aromaReview by Ronald
Very warm and sweet aroma. This is a very nice incense to burn when you get back home from work, very relaxing. (Reviewed on 2/11/2018)
This Sandalwood is goodReview by David
The Blessed Sandalwood Incense Powder is excellent in quality. The aroma of the burning incense was sweet, woodsy, and garden-like, and the scent gently wafted around the room as the lit incense burned. I felt in the presence of the Divine as I breathed this incense. (Reviewed on 11/30/2017)
Love this incense!Review by Shaz
I was never really a huge fan of sandalwood until I got myself a packet of this sandalwood incense powder. Now I use this for offerings regularly as the fragrance lingers, giving my home a nice warm, comforting feel. My son also loves this very much and has been doing incense offering with this at his mini shrine.

This is highly recommended as not only it smells utterly wonderful, it is BLESSED. Can't get any better than that! (Reviewed on 7/12/2016)
super value!!!Review by Robert Anderson
Wow!!! At only 4 dollars this is a super value!! I put on a face mask and filled my 3 inch tall stupa with this. I also added protector rice (best value on this site). I filled a small jar on my alter with it. I burned a spoonful in my alter room and living room when i first got it. When people come over i burn spoonful at a time. After all this i still have half a bag left!!!! All for 4 dollars are you kidding me!!!! Thanks so much!!! (Reviewed on 2/11/2015)

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